Pioneer students inducted into NTHS


Pioneer Career & Technology Center is proud to announce the induction of 20 outstanding students into the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS). The induction ceremony, held on Tuesday, March 5, was a momentous occasion where students were recognized for their dedication to excellence in their career technical program, academics, and their commitment to the core values of NTHS.

During the ceremony, students participated in a program of events and lit candles to symbolize the seven key attributes of the NTHS: skill, honesty, service, responsibility, scholarship, citizenship, and leadership. Each member received their certificate of membership award and the seniors received NTHS honor cords as a symbol of their achievement.

In order to be inducted into the NTHS, students must exemplify good character, honesty, and responsibility, and must have made a personal commitment to excellence. They must also meet the NTHS Standards of Conduct, which includes maintaining a high grade point average, excellent attendance record, and receiving recommendations from faculty and staff.

Pioneer NTHS advisors Vickie Hunt and Emma Jenkins have been instrumental in guiding and supporting these students on their journey to academic excellence. Their dedication and commitment to the success of each student is truly commendable.

Congratulations to the following NTHS students:

Two-year members

Mia Felder, Galion; Natalie Frye, Willard; Natalie Kline, Ontario; Lorelei Reed, Shelby; Anderson Roll, Shelby; Jamie Wilson, Northmor; and Allison Wright, Buckeye Central.

2024 inductees

Nevaeh Gallagher, Northmor; Cody Griffin, Crestline; Chloe Hursh, Shelby; Ellie Rinehart, Galion; Taylor Carper, Willard; Chloe Clayborne, Lexington; Parker Harbolt, Northmor; Josie Rank, Plymouth; Elizabeth Roberts, Lexington; Konner Summers, Lexington; Nicole Watkins, Plymouth; Audreana Whited, Northmor; and Brianne York, Northmor.

Submitted by Pioneer Career & Technology Center.

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