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Tragedy can draw us closer to the Lord, each other


The sun is shining. Ah, the wonder of spring becoming reality! Doesn’t it take the winter chill to enable us to appreciate the soothing rays of sunshine?

Memories of past Valentine’s Days


Two years ago was our last Valentine’s Day together. Daniel had come home from town a few days before with heart balloons fastened to a clear container hosting a huge chocolate kiss wrapped in red.

Good morning from the Yoder seven


It’s a quiet Monday morning, and all six children are sound asleep at the moment. The week stretches ahead untouched. I wonder what it holds? God alone knows, but with him to guide, it will be excellent and safe. Last week, children Jesse and Elijah had their last four days of kindergarten; now, this week, it has come to a close for the year, and I will be teaching them at home. They want to go back to school to visit their friends and siblings sometime soon. School is only a skip and a hop from our house, they can even watch the children through the narrow strip of woods during recess time.

From skating to hot drinks


Years had passed since I had set foot on an icy pond. Motherhood had taken over, and priorities had shifted.

Brand new kitchen for Amish Cook


My kitchen is torn to pieces; everything is a huge mess.

‘Does God hear? Does He answer?’


We are home from church. The three oldest boys are playing volleyball in the kitchen (with a soft ball) and Julia, the bookworm, is reading. Hosanna and Joshua are playing with dolls in the living room and are singing German songs.

A memorable Christmas Eve


“Mom, may we sleep in the barn on Christmas Eve?”

Amazing start to Christmas season


Hi there, good evening, It’s… well, I won’t tell you what time it is. We’ll just say I’m usually in bed at this hour of the day; why lay there with sleep out of sight? Why not seize the moment touch base with you all and enjoy a chocolate in the meanwhile? That’s right, a Lindor chocolate from a reader and dear friend, and no little ones asking if they can have one too! Mmm. It’s delicious, I mean both the milk chocolate and the moment of solitude. And some apple cider to go with it.

What temperature is your lighting?


Have you ever noticed how “white” lights seem to vary in color? Some light bulbs seem yellowish, others almost blue; some seem to have no color at all but give an unpleasant “cold” light that’s very unflattering. This is because every light bulb (or LED) has a built-in “temperature.” Light temperatures are measured in degrees, on the “Kelvin scale.”

Improving gardens with cheap homemade compost


Job one in gardening and landscaping is loosening and enriching compacted soil and clay by mixing in organic materials like compost. For experienced gardeners, good compost is worth its weight in gold. There’s nothing healthier for your plants than rich black compost, but any kind of organic material mixed with soil is beneficial. Most gardeners buy compost in bags or bulk. Bagged compost and soils are in high demand, evidence that many gardeners aren’t making their own.


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