City Council meets 3 straight days to pass legislation


It was a busy week of meetings for Galion City Council in order to pass a group of ordinances pertaining to finances, which needed to be read prior to the end of November. With only four members of council in attendance on Nov. 27, all ordinances were given a first reading that evening.

Ordinance 2023-81, which pertains to appropriations of funds that were previously accounted for elsewhere, was read. This ordinance moved funds to cover various expenses across multiple accounts.

Ordinance 2023-82 was read regarding the appropriation of funds for the Galion Health Department. Councilperson Kara Ault explained that this was being done for the spending of funds by the Health Department that was going to be used for advertising due to a recent outbreak of infections in the Marion County area.

“These are grant funds that have to be used so it is an emergency,” explained Andrea Barnes, director of the Galion City Health Department. Barnes then went on to explain that other funds in the ordinance would be used for client testing as well.

Ordinance 2023-83, for the appropriation of funds needing to be covered by the end of November, was read. Auditor Brian Saterfield explained the ordinance is to prevent a negative balance in certain accounts at the end of the month.

Also read on Nov. 27 was Resolution 2023-20 for a Then and Now Certificate for $10,852 in legal support and $5,200 in discharge fees to the EPA.

With the low attendance present at the meeting, members were reminded of the next scheduled meetings for the following evening as well as Nov. 29 if needed to pass the ordinances. It was explained that a majority of five members of council would be needed if readings would extend into Thursday night of that week in order for the presented ordinances to pass since they were being read as an emergency.

At the Nov. 28 meeting, five council members were present. Council member Carl Watt had notified council he was ill and would not be able to attend, and a motion was made and approved to excuse him from the meeting. Council member Paula Durbin was not in attendance but did not give a reason for her absence. A motion to excuse her from the meeting was made but did not pass.

All legislation from Nov. 27 was given its second reading during the Nov. 28 meeting.

On Wednesday evening, once again five council members were in attendance with council member Watt being excused from the meeting for illness, and council member Durbin not being excused by a 4-1 margin by council members who were present.

All legislation was given its third reading and passed by council.

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