Coffee brings friends together


In a day and age where social media as well as pandemic fears have taken a lot of personal contact and connection out of everyday life for so many, a long standing tradition of sharing a cup of coffee with friends is still alive and well in many circles around Galion.

Wendy’s in Uptowne Galion has become a welcoming common ground for a few locals who take time regularly to sit down and connect with friends.

“Our crew actually started years ago back at Isaly’s, but it closed shortly after we started going,” said Stan Gregory, a retired longtime Galion insurance agent. “We were in Woolworths, Mo’s, and the back room of The Toggery to name a few before Wendy’s came along.”

Not only has their coffee location changed over the years, but the attendees have changed as well. According to Gregory, their coffee group started off as a “morning office break” for him and others around Galion.

“Bob Garverick, Jim Hoover, Dick Oborn, and myself were some of the group who originally got together when it all started years ago,” said Gregory. “Al Sanders and Homer Roelle are a couple others who have joined us.”

“Stan is the only ‘original’ member who still joins us regularly,” said Dave Spraw.

Spraw, a retired Galion High School English teacher, has been enjoying morning coffee with the group regularly since around 1994.

“Initially, I could only come up during the summer months because I was still teaching and didn’t get a morning break, of course,” Spraw said.

More recent attendees include Ron Holtshouse, Steve Zeig, Paul Heimlich and Charlie Walker.

The gentlemen will admit there is nothing more to their time together other than coffee and time well spent talking about little more than “nothing” along with a little bit of everything.

“We discuss science, we discuss books, we discuss politics, we discuss a lot of things,” Holtshouse said. “I really value our time.”

“We have a good time talking with each other, and we’ve gotten to know all of the management and employees here at Wendy’s very well, too, of course,” Gregory said with a laugh.

“One of the managers that stops in here will even give us new things to try out from time to time,” Spraw said. “And we aren’t the only group here in town that does this. There are other groups like us that meet up at different times or locations across town throughout the week. We definitely aren’t unique.

“Lots of people that we all know and talk to come and go at different times during the week. We all say hello and share things,” Spraw noted.

“One thing I know for sure, my wife is very happy that I come here,” Walker added.

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