Local hospitals receive new ventilators


OhioHealth Mansfield and Shelby hospitals are installing new breathing machines that offer faster, more efficient care. The ventilators, called Nihon Kohden 330s, alert providers to a patient’s condition faster and offer more capabilities.

According to Sarah Morgan, MD and director of Mansfield Hospital’s Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, the ventilators have smart wires that hook directly to the patient or the patient’s mask. The wires give real-time oxygen saturation level readings and carbon dioxide readings, allowing for quicker care. They also provide heated, high-flow air to the patient, known as high-flow nasal cannula, something the previous machines weren’t capable of.

“I am very excited about the versatility these machines can provide when it comes to care for our critically ill patients,” said Morgan. “All the diagnostic metrics will allow us to adapt to patients’ needs in real time.”

While the machines allow for faster care, they also make for easier transport. Morgan said the ventilators unhook from their base and can be hooked to a patient’s bed. The new mobility is especially appreciated given the fact the previous machines couldn’t be moved because they didn’t fit on the hospital’s elevators.

The hospitals will begin using the new machines on May 15. According to Mansfield Hospital’s pulmonary services team, Mansfield Hospital is receiving 21 machines, Shelby Hospital is receiving two, and the freestanding emergency departments in Ontario and Ashland are each receiving two. Each machine costs around $13,500.

Submitted by OhioHealth.

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