Land rezoned to allow for storage facility


Galion City Council put things in motion for a new mini storage facility as well as more apartments to be built in the months ahead for the Galion area.

Before the beginning of legislation, there was a public hearing regarding the zoning of land behind the dental office of Dr. Tonya Phillips and CoreCare Chiropractic located at 1245 State Route 598 and adjacent to Freese Works Place. The land is currently zoned for Industrial Park, but Phillips is requesting it be rezoned for General Commercial as she intends to put up a storage facility on the property.

“This project has grown on me,” said Mayor Tom O’Leary. “I think as far as this project goes, and I try to keep an eye on how things are developing out there, I think it is probably a net asset. There is a shortage of mini storage.”

With those comments, the public hearing was concluded and council went into regular business.

Ordinance 2023-75, which will establish a tax abatement for the Galion Community Reinvestment Area for a parcel of land located adjacent to Carter Drive, was given its first reading.

Councilman Mike Richert explained this ordinance is a step towards the building process of the next phase of apartments to be started at Carter Crossing on Carter Drive.

“This is the parcel located behind Arby’s,” said Law Director Thomas Palmer.

A motion was made to move the ordinance to its final reading and the ordinance was approved.

Ordinance 2023-78 was given its first reading as a result of the public hearing held at the beginning of the council meeting to rezone the parcel of land located behind Phillips’ office located at 1245 State Route 598.

A motion was made to suspend the rules and move the ordinance to its final reading, and the ordinance was approved.

Ordinance 2023-79 regarding Ohio House Bill 33 in which the Ohio General Assembly made several changes to Ohio municipal income tax codes that need to be adopted to their existing ordinances was read for the first time before council.

Palmer spoke briefly about some of the changes included in the new ordinance and also explained that these changes needed to be passed prior to the end of the current year in order for taxes to be collected correctly in 2024.

A motion was made to suspend the rules and move the ordinance to its final reading. The motion passed.

“As Mr. Palmer indicated, this ordinance is the culmination of what the general assembly has directed that has to be done. It isn’t an option, it’s a fact of life. I think it behooves us to go ahead and pass it,” said Richert.

The ordinance was then given its final reading and passed.

The final legislation for the evening was Ordinance 2023-80, which amends appropriations by transferring funds for sewer repairs and for the installation of the new sidewalk near the bridge and bike path along Harding Way West. This was the first reading for the ordinance.

A motion was made to suspend the rules and move the ordinance to its final reading. The motion passed, and the ordinance was passed as well.

O’Leary noted that the new turn lane at the intersection of state Route 598 and Brandt Road would be opened up within the week. He also stated that leaf collection by the city had been slowed due to some mechanical problems, but the units were back up and running and would continue to do so until the winter weather sets in.

The next regular meeting of Galion City Council is scheduled for Nov. 28 at 7 p.m.

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