City Council sets new power cost adjustment


During its regular meeting on Aug. 8, Galion City Council’s first order of business involved discussions centered around an ordinance setting the power cost adjustment (PCA).

Council member Carrie Zeger spoke first to bring attention to an attachment that was given to each member of council based upon a meeting held previously by the Utilities Committee that included recommendations from Auditor Brian Saterfield and Safety Service Director Nikki Ward.

Mayor Tom O’Leary addressed the room first to explain his thoughts.

“If I had a recommendation, it would be to let it ride until the next meeting so that council can digest it a little bit,” O’Leary stated in regards to the amount of the suggested increase. “Maybe let it ride a couple weeks so that if there is any difference of opinion, maybe everyone here at the table would be able to understand what the options were.”

From there, a discussion of various amounts of increase or decrease, dates, and other variables past and present ensued between council members, O’Leary, and Saterfield in regards to the history of the PCA and how it affects billing to residents.

Zeger moved to suspend the rules and move ordinance 2023-57 to a final reading. That vote was carried with a vote of 5-1. The final reading was approved with a 6-0 vote by council.

With the passage of the ordinance, the PCA will decrease from $0.01674 to $0.01023 beginning on bills generated on or after Sept. 1.

Ordinance 2023-58 was then read in regard to the movement of funds to cover expenses as needed. Council member Richert moved to suspend the rules and move the ordinance to a final reading which was passed 6-0. That motion was carried. The final reading was approved by council.

Mayor O’Leary spoke briefly to thank the council for moving to approve the change in the PCA. He also stated that there will be a groundbreaking soon in the land that was formerly home to the old Renschville School building on Galion’s west side.

“We are inching close to an overall agreement with the EPA in terms of the Water Plant and getting an agreement in terms of what needs to be built by what time frame,” O’Leary said.

Prior to the conclusion of the meeting, a brief run down of upcoming committee meetings was given by council members.

It was noted prior to the conclusion of the meeting that council member Melissa Frank had submitted her resignation.

Erin Miller can be reached at 419-512-2662.

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