Banners honor Galion’s veterans


GALION — The American Legion Auxiliary Post 243 assumed responsibility for the Military Banner program this year. The banners are a vibrant representation honoring Galion’s veterans by their family members and friends. They are displayed on Harding Way and in Heise Park.

The American Legion is particularly grateful for the help and advise they received from the following: Tanesha Pickering, Galion History Center, Craig Alguire and Leesa from Photorama, and Jerry Pangborn of the Galion Line Department.

There are a total of 197 banners on display between the Heise Park and Harding Way East and West, from Gill Avenue to East Street.

Take a stroll through Heise Park and admire the banners honoring the brave men and women who served in the United States military.

Heise Park – North Side Facing East

Elwin Casey Jones (Gold Star, indicating he died while serving), Gordon R. Finnegan, John C. Stinehelfer, Richard (Ike) Eichler, Ralph Clinton McFarland Jr., William E. Wiggins, Stanley Zeger Jr., Adam M. Topper, John Wisler, Cpl. Timothy A. Ward Sr., Carrie (Schumacher) Moneysmith

Heise Park – North Side Facing West

Don Diosi Sr., Donald Corbin, Joseph M. Rosella, Wayne Keith Gray, William G. Suver, Kenneth Ramsey, Emil L. Jones, James E. Smith, GmSgt. William J. Spencer, Donald B. St. Clair, Bart Wegesin

Heise Park – South Side Facing West

Vincent J. Smith, Edward A. Smith, William T. Weber, Jacob F. (Jack) Ackerman, Clayton Ray Clark, Jack R. Rodeheaver, Hugh Black,

CPO Jack S. Dabney, Thomas E. Noble, Willis T. Colestock, Jerry Skaggs, Douglas W. Loan, Joshua E. Welsh, George Wisler, Tom Reid, Christopher Love, J. David Smith

Heise Park South Side Facing East

Ralph E. Schreck Sr., Stacey A. (Moneysmith) Utt, Donald O. Heimlich, Krista Ann (Wirick) Medina, Jeffrey E. Topper, Russell L. Miller, Clifford Kieffer, Bill Wisler, Ivan H. Beck, Renee Bodkins, Kenneth E. Jones, Nelson E. Jones, Lloyd Slone, Timothy A. Finnegan, Kenneth Henkel, Robert E. Straka, Arch Whited

Heise Park – Adjacent Sidewalk Facing West

Howard Logan Sr., H. Eugene Straub, Carl Petras

Heise Park – Adjacent Sidewalk Facing East

Sherman Perry, Russell E. Suver, John Francisco

There are many more banners located on the lamp posts on Harding Way – starting on Harding Way East at East Street (Tubby’s Pizza).

Harding Way East @ East Street – North Side

Facing East

Charles Dille, Robert L. Ruth, Kimberly Blankenship Egbert, Tracy S. Hedrick, Todd Logan, Angelo A. Farina, James Hoffman, John D. Stroup, Robert A. Noonan, Curtis L. Ray, Richard Wise

Facing West

Victor Leroy Hardy, William R. Haga, Msg Rick Garverick, Clyde Hall, Taylor Johnson, Varion J. Wirick, John S. Stumpf, Joseph Pangallo, John E. Stinehelfer, James Glenn, Patrick LaForest, William Sipe

Harding Way East @ Train Tracks – North Side

Facing East

Shawn Sallee, James I. Cass, Jack H. Williams Sr., Franklin D. Kitchen, Clyde Bates, John Bates, Roger Stall, Chip H. Kiser, Kyle Martin, Lewis H. Alkire, Terry McPeek, William S. Maynard, Oakley M. Monk

Facing West

Wayne Kirkbride, Raymond M. Russell, Edwin E. McCleese, Joseph C. Beck, Paul E. Sherman, Richard Wiggins, Michael C. Jarvis, Sgt. Lawrence L. Iles, Kenneth E. Hayes, Ron Gerhrisch, Charles H. Danner, Paul R. Haas, Gary E. Wirick

Harding Way West @ Public Square – North Side

Facing East

MSgt Stephen B.Iles, Dick Stowe, Christ Brown, Clarence Jerry Buchanan, Warren Johnson, Lowell E. Eusey, SFC Dustin Tomecko, Cpl. Jeremy E. Blevins, James D. Scalera, SSgt. Ashley Switzer

Facing West

Thomas Swaim, John L. Schneider, Gene Albert Frank, Ron Snyder, Julie A. (Suver) Knightstep, George Francisco, Lewis H. Loan, John Poth, Bud H.S. Logan, Homer J. Knightstep

Jack R. Rodeheaver’s banner is located on the south side of Heise Park. He served in Korea with the U.S. Army. His is one of 197 banners honoring Galion’s veterans. R. Rodeheaver’s banner is located on the south side of Heise Park. He served in Korea with the U.S. Army. His is one of 197 banners honoring Galion’s veterans. A.J. Kaufman | Aim Media Midwest


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