Paving projects a priority for Galion City Council


GALION — City council on Tuesday night approved a measure that allows the City of Galion to advertise for bids for its upcoming street paving program. It will cost about $350,000, and should begin within a few weeks.

City council approved an amount of $390,00, but Mayor Tom O’Leary hopes project comes in closer to $350,000.

The city also is expecting the Ohio Department of Transportation to start a major project that will pave Harding Way, starting near Evans Drive on the city’s west side through Gelsanliter Road on the east side. ODOT also will pave Ohio 19, from the Harding Way intersection south, to the city limits.

Mayor Tom O’Leary said that if the legislation was approved Tuesday, the bid notice would be out Saturday and the project would get started within a few weeks.

Council member Thomas Fellner moved to have the legislation passed as an emergency.

“Our paving projects … it’s something we do every year. I think we’ve done a really great job of systematically improving those roads, and the quality of life for Galion residents,”” he said.

The legislation was moved to a third reading and passed as an emergency.

Legislation also was passed that moved money into the correct funds to pay for recently ordered sidewalk renovations along Harding Way. Those repairs were ordered by ODOT as a prelude to the Harding Way project.

Also approved was about $4,000 for computer software to allow area residents to complete rental applications for shelter houses online, without having to personally contact someone within the city building.

“This will make things a little easier for our residents,” Safety-Service director Nikki Ward said.

Also, $42,000 received via a grant for the health department was put into a fund so it can be used.

Council member Ken Bodkins talked about a phone call he received from a Surrey Drive resident who, among other things, asked that something be done about speeding in that area around the Galion City Schools campus. It has become a larger concern since school started.

Council president Carl Watt said he has heard discussion from people who are hoping to start a petition that will result in a 4-way stop sign at Church and Union Streets.

And council members started the work that will eventually lead to a budget being passed for 2021. It needs to be done before the end of the year.

O’Leary lamented the fact that a group of individuals continue to willfully destroying city property in Heise Park.

“It’s very frustrating,” he said. “We are trying to pin-point what is going on. I wouldn’t call this vandalism. It is outright property destruction. We have cameras on order and we’re working to secure funds to offer rewards.”

The damage involves items regularly used by kids who play at the park.

“This is not something we’re taking lightly,” O’Leary added. “It appears to be a couple dozen kids with nothing better to do than to spoil things for everyone else.”

He also expressed more frustration with the work recently completed on Charles Street.

“On the good side, the road is open to traffic,” he said. “On the bad side, there is still some corrective work that needs to be finished. There were some things that were not done the right way — they don’t meet our own requirements — and our traffic department needs to come up with a way to fix those things.”

And he talked about the new apartment complex on Carter Drive near the Galion City Schools campus.

There is a board of zoning meeting coming up in which a variance will be requested so the developer can get to work on the final three buildings,” O’Leary said. “We’ll be asking to approve the same sort of variances that were approved for the first two buildings.”

Garage construction also has started.

Council member Tammy Erlsten recently took a tour of the apartments and was very impressed. She also said all the one-bedroom units in the first building have been rented

O’Leary said it says something positive about Galion that the developer is already looking to put in another 50 or so units to complete the project.
City Council OKs funding; mayor addresses damage to Heise Park

By Russ Kent

Galion Inquirer

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