Nine positive, 196 negative COVID tests at drive-thru in Bucyrus


BUCYRUS — Last week’s drive-thru COVID-19 test results have benn announced.

Testing was open to anyone ages 2 years and older. A doctor’s order was not needed.

Participants were from 18 Ohio counties and one participant was from out of state. In total, 205 tests were completed. The youngest participant was 2 years old, the oldest was 86 years old, and the average age was 49 years old.

For the 205 tests, nine tested positive (4.4 percent) and 196 tested negative (95.6 percent).

Participants were asked to wear a facial covering until time of testing and to remain in their vehicles.Tent 1distributed clipboards, pens, a contact form, and a lab processing form to be completed by the participant.Tent 2 collected the clipboards, pens, and completed paperwork and then filled out a label with the participants name and birth date.The completed label was placed on a sample collection vial and placed inside a biohazard bag along with the completed lab form.Participants were then directed to one of two lanes available for collecting their sample for testing. The ONG used the nasal pharyngeal collection route(PCR), swabbing each nostril for 10 seconds and collecting the samples.

All results have been made available to those taking the tests and to the counties where the test recipients hailed.

The Ohio National Guard (ONG) works with community health partners across Ohio to offer free swab sample collection for COVID-19 testing to help provide critical information to public health officials. On June 11, 2020, Gov. Mike DeWine announced a series of “pop-up” testing sites would become available across Ohio and encouraged those that want a C

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