Northmor students learn car-care basics from Galion auto-technician


GALION — Northmor JOG students learned in October that your vehicle will take you where you need to go every day, but it needs more than just a full tank of gas to keep it running.

Basic car care was demonstrated in the Jobs for Ohio’s Graduate classes.

The second biggest purchase in a teen’s life is their car, and they must learning to keep it in great running order. Assistant manager Nancy Morrison, of Greg’s Auto Service in Galion, came to Northmor to instruct the students on how to take care of their vehicles.

The students went outside and Nancy popped the hood of her car, where the students learned about the parts of a car engine. They were shown where to find the oil dip stick, how to fill the oil, the windshield fluid container, radiator and battery.

Students also learned how to jump start a car with a small battery pack, and that they they did not need a second vehicle to jump start their car. They also learned to use a tire gauge to check their tire pressure and how to use a penny to check their tire tread. There also was discussion about windshield wipers and battery replacement.

Nancy brought several types of oil and antifreeze to discuss with the students and she explained the types of cars that would use these fluids. The students were then given gift bags by Advance Auto Parts that included all kinds of information, a cup, tire gauge, and treats. This workshop was a great learning experience for all of the JOG students.

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