Galion women passionate about quilts .. and helping others


GALION — When it comes to creative talent, Galion’s Ida Fink has it, and she shares it through her many sewing creations.

Fink offers up her quilts; knitting, crocheting projects; and other sewing items at the Galion Golden Age Club. She has gifted many items to family and friends over the years.

Currently, Fink has a beautiful, intricately designed quilt she donated to the Golden Age Club up for a raffle that. It was specifically made for fans of The Ohio State Buckeyes.

“I had the Ohio State quilt already cut out this year and I probably have 30 or 40 hours in that, at least,” Fink said. “The quilting — I’ve got one of those big. long quilting machines — it gives you the exact amount of time and how many stitches you actually do. Actual quilting time was one hour and three minutes with the machine.”

She said this quilt is probably the third or fourth quilt she’s donated to the club over the years. They are sold at club raffles to raise money for the organization.

“But I haven’t done one for a couple years,” she said. “I have done some quilts for other people over the years.”

Fink also sews toddler and baby bibs in all different types of designs. She also creates bowl holders that are pretty popular at the Golden Age Club.

“They’ve sold a lot of those too,” she said.

“My mom taught me how to quilt when I was nine years old. I suppose I’ve been quilting 40 years, at least,” she said. “I like to do it and be as precise as I can. The quilting magazines today are all into this artistic stuff and have kind of gotten away from the traditional quilting with bits and pieces put together. That’s what I enjoy.”

Some of her favorite designs she’s created are simple ones, because that’s what she enjoys. “

I can’t even think of all the ones I’ve done,” she said.

The quilts go to others.

“I’ve given quilts as presents and I’ve done some things for the hospital, like lap robes and such,” she said.

Besides quilting, she does needle point, counted cross stitch, knitting, and even crochet.

“I’ve been into all that stuff from way back when,” she said. “I picked up on stuff. I read the quilt books and the needle work books and my mother-in-law taught me how to knit. I have been into it all my life. The only thing I’ve never been able to learn in needle work is that I can’t learn to tat. That’s real lacy stuff.”

Fink has really been into quilting lately. When she and her husband Jim celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary nine years ago, he gave her the quilting machine she uses today.

Before she got the quilting machine, Fink said she hand-stitched her quilts.

“That part I really didn’t care to do,” she joked. “I like to do the piecing.”

And she has no plans to slow down.

“I’m going to continue to quilt as long as I can,” Fink said. “It’s my own time. To me, if I get my stuff ready for supper and stuff ready for the day, I go into my sewing room and close the door. That’s my down time and I really enjoy doing it.”

People interested in purchasing raffle tickets for the Ohio State quilt Fink donated to the Golden Age Club can stop by the South Market Street club and purchase tickets. They are $2 each, or six tickets for $10.
Ida Fink’s intricate sewing projects end up helping others


By Jodi Myers

Galion Inquirer


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