Clear Fork youth honor America, and their community


BELLVILLE — This photo was submitted by Bill Hope who arrived a little late to last week’s game between Bellevue and our Clear Fork Colts. Everyone in the Valley is proud of the successes of our football team and our come-from-behind-win over a great team from Bellevue High School.

Historically, what we are most proud of is the fact that the Valley is a society that still finds value in strong parenting: high moral standards, spirituality and respect for fellow humans and their property.

The photo was taken as the Post 535 American Legion Color Guard was making the end zone march, presenting the American flag and preparing for the Pride Of The Valley (Colts Marching Band) to play our National Anthem.

These kids were in back of the bleachers in our packed stadium playing. When the band struck the first cord of the National Anthem they stopped playing, and immediately put their hands over their hearts out of respect and love of country.

N0 one was up there telling them to do that. They learned to do that in their homes with parents doing their jobs and in our schools where love of country and patriotism are a given

When they are old enough to play the game they will not be on a knee during the National Anthem. You will not see pictures of these kids in the streets burning flags, and if they win a championship and get invited to the White House they will run to the bus to make the trip.

These kids and their parents are unidentified, but they represent the many kids and parents that call Bellville and Butler home. The student cheer of “WE .. ARE ..CLEAR FORK’” not only represents the pride in our student-athletes, but the pride we all have in this place called home.

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