Crawford County’s September real estate transactions


These property transfers were recorded in Crawford County in September, 2018:

U.S. Bank National Association to Fawn Savage, 209 South Spring St., Bucyrus, $35,500

Edward H. McCarthy to Wilbur G. Albright and Virginia J. Albright, 1240 Southland Ave., Bucyrus, $160,000

Ronda A. Tischer to Edward H. McCarthy, 1520 Hopley Ave., Bucyrus, $85,000

Rodney D. Schwam to Brandon Lee Quail nka Kelli L. Quail, 608 N Washington Ave., Crestline, $27,000

CR 2018 LLC to Tina M. McNeal, 375 Cherry St., Galion, $12,600

Toby J. Pfeifer and Lisa J. Pfeifer to Robert S. Newcome and Leslie S. Newcome, 248 Castleton Dr., Galion, $1,000

Roger E. Hetzel and Jessica L. Hetzel to Hunter L. Mercer and Mystie L. Mercer, 1600 Wyandot Rd., Bucyrus, $174,000

Cassandra L. Hessey to Ralph E. Schenk, 1032 SR 4 South, Bucyrus, $6,250

JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA to Kurt J. Allen, Janice K. Allen & Kenneth L. Allen, 132 E. Mansfield, New Washington, $33,000

Karen S. Wisler and Kay A. Cosenza to Todd A. Kemp, 865 Rosewood Dr., Galion, $131,400

Marlys L. Slone, fka Marlys L. Olson to Rowan M. Kempf and Beth A. Jarvis, 173 Hessenaur Dr., Galion, $173,000

Sheila A. Burge, Executrix of the will of Doris M. Bopp to Big House Rentals, LLC, 719 North Seltzer St. and 726 North Crestline St., Crestline, $21,000

Kenneth Eugene Bodkins, Sr. to Lesley Gorrell, 750 Briarwood Dr., Galion, $63,000

Shirley Roberts to Brandan L. Johnson, 422 Oldfield Rd., Crestline, $89,000

Heather A. Eby and Todd E. Montgomery to Tanya K. Sayre, 301 Erie St., Galion, $69,900

Ricky A. Smith and Robin S. Smith to Llona Echelberry, Inlot 2246 S. Sandusky Ave., 1482 S. Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $8,000

Tad A. Brown & Keri R. Watts nka Keri R. Brown to Sara B. & Jeffrey A. Bonen, 842 S. East St., Bucyrus, $41,000

Jesse L. & Andrea Lacey to Andrew C. Korner & Kylie M. Thompson, 325 W. Charles St., Bucyrus, $80,000

Tyler C. Green to Mid America Mortgage, Inc., 1153 Rosedale Ave., Bucyrus, $73,334*

Cheryl R. Eldridge, etal. to Michael R. Songer, 810 W. Main St., Crestline, $40,000

Nolen’s Home Improvement, LLC to Thomas Rumer, 542 Prospect St., Bucyrus, $9,000

Martha L. Seckle to Robert L. & Tina D. Hill, 4396 St. Rt. 19, Bucyrus, $150,000

Carla R. Eubank to David W. Horsley, 422 W. Charles St., Bucyrus, $50,000

Kathy J. Fuller, aka Kathy Jo Fuller to Samantha A. Palmer, 407 E. Mansfield St., Bucyrus, $60,600

John W. Gobrecht to W. Dane Kennedy, 948 S. Highland Ave., Bucyrus, $2,500

Aaron J. Leitzy to Jennifer L. Parr-Fetter, 2215 Shupp Rd., Bucyrus, $190,000

Dennis Laferty and Lisa Laferty to Toby Cline and Nicole Cline, 129 S. Main St., Tiro, $28,000

Daryl Burke & Ashley Burke to Jay Coldiron, 156 Plymouth St., Bucyrus, $22,000

Shirley A. Swihart NKA Shirley A. Sibert to Robert K. Starlin III, 205 Carmel Ave., Galion, $83,000

T & S Properties of Mansfield, LLC an Ohio Limited Liability Company to Niss-Hunt Club, LLC, an Ohio Limited Liability Company, 7900 Middletown Rd., Crestline, $80,000

Manzo Surgener to Matthew Michael Campbell, 571 S. Boston St., Galion, $11,000

Dean A. Pfeifer and Lana R. Pfeifer to Shelby N. Smith, 423 Beechwood Dr., Galion, $120,000

Linda M. Montey to Rodney E. Deffendoll, 1045 Cherington Dr., Galion, $110,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., as Trustee for Nova S. to Boyd Butler, 425 Lincoln Hwy., Oceola, $17,500*

Sharon Lambert, Gregory Burris, Kenneth Burris and Tracie Rayborn to Daniel George Kozack McEnneny, 718 W. Mary St., Bucyrus, $71,000

Hitaoshi & Sae Watanaber to Vance D. & Phyllis G. Studlien, 1115 Rikki Lee Lane, Bucyrus, $108,000

Phil G. & Robin G. Bash to Kole A. Ross, Rick L. Brawley & Kathy Brawley, 663 Teakwood Court, Galion, $85,000

Jerry & JoAnn Wright to Steven & Ruth A Kenney, 1412 Fairmeadow Dr., Bucyrus, $194,000

Angela Neff to Harold & Jessica Smith, 219 Wilson Ave., Galion, $71,500

Bruce J & Elizabeth M Angell to Jonathan W & Suzanne E Wilson, 501 S Boston St., Galion, $15,884

Tracie L Ross, unmarried and Joshua C Pugh, unmarried to Robert A Johnston, 636 Fairview Ave., Galion, $45,000

Lynette K Volkmer, Trustee to Timothy L Hosey, 414 Lawn Ave., Bucyrus, $11,826

Cheryl L Ulmer & John G Ehrmann to Tyson A & Elisa B Griffin, 1053 Martha Ave., Bucyrus, $45,000

Alexander N & Jennifer N Reed to Kyle C Burris, 805 Haymond St., Galion, $116,000

Travis H & Angela K Hardy to Sierra Nash & Nathan Arnold, 215 Wallace Ave. Bucyrus, $79,000

Peoples Savings & Loan Company by Steven C Shields to Paul O & Jennifer M DeKeizer, 318 West Warren St., Bucyrus, $65,000

Tracy J & Heidi L Stringer, H&W to Layon Luidhardt, 5440 Vorndron Rd., New Washington, $60,000

Helen L Noblit aka Helen L Leonhardt to Julie A & Mark R Teynor, 5041 Annapolis Dekalb Rd., Bucyrus, $65,000

Jacqueline K Kailey to Courtney D Bunn 539 Union Ave., Bucyrus, $22,500

Oma Sue Dye, unmarried to Jerry E & Loretta J Nulk, 773 S. Boston St., Galion, $30,000

Estate of Joann P Harris to Brandon D Caplinger, 552 Kroft St., Galion, $62,000

Dawn S Orewiler to Brandon L Kunkel, 730 Maple Heights Dr., Galion, $68,000

Kaja Holdings 2, LLC to Rodney Ramsey, 626 Cherry St., Galion, $19,000

Robert W Erwin to Raymond C Darnell, 601 Hopley Ave., Bucyrus, $47,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Tracy Howard, 1105 Nevada Rd., Bucyrus, $20,500

Estate of Dorothy M Clingan to Bethany J Bauer, 125 Etler Dr., Crestline, $77,300

Robert J Sherman to Mark A Dewiel, 1304 High St., Bucyrus, $52,000

Shawn L Green to Donald & Samantha Anderson, 1190 Whetstone St., Bucyrus, $95,000

Annette K Long nka Annette K LaMay & Armand L LaMay, W&H to Robert L & Mary Holly Christine Mogle, 1122 Harding Way East, Galion, $22,000

Christ United Methodist Church to Neal D & Jeanie D Rinehart, 760 Brentwood Dr., Galion, $185,000

Sandra L Brady to Dean F & Patricia S Alexander, 852 Harding Way East, Galion, $1,500

JR Properties LLC of Ohio to Cameron Bright, 912 Biddle Rd., Galion, $96,000

Betty L Albright to Sue E VanVoorhis, 709 Cherry St., Galion, $57,000

Paul E & Joyce E Weaver to Wesley T Ritzier, 2191 Orr Rd., Bloomville, $61,068.

JRM Enterprises to Neil & Bradley Oberlander, 517 Woodlawn Ave., Bucyrus, $30,000

Brian Shell & Katina Shell to Tidus Kissling, 1218 Poe Rd., Bucyrus, $39,000

John E & Linda S Beal to Glen Allen Atwell, 495 Kroft St., Galion, $44,746

Crawford County Sheriff, Scott M Kent to Buckeye Financial Holdings LLC, 430 Charlotte St., Bucyrus, $1.00

JRM Enterprises to Neil D & Bradley L Oberlander, 829 Prospect St., Bucyrus, $37,500

*Sheriff sale or foreclosure

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