I wrote in a recent column that I was having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit this year.

I mentioned hoping that something would kick start my holiday cheer before the season actually passed me by.

Something did.

A Christmas card.

A beautiful, personalized, well-written, poignant Christmas Card, from someone I never met, and someone I could not find a phone number for.

It wasn’t addressed to me, but to the Inquirer.

It did end up on my desk last Friday. And within seconds, it brightened the my mood, and the mood of everyone else in the office that day.

It came from Battle Ground, Washington. The cover is the photo accompanying this short article.

Inside the card was written:

“The night was dark and cold, but the street lights made the big snowflakes sparkle and dance to the church chimes as they played ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Oh Holy Night’ all our favorite songs and hymns.

“Walking around the town square in the crispy winter air and snuggled deeper in the cape my mother made for me, in a world of my own … with the spirit of Christmas, the love of all those dear to me and all the blessings God had given me.

“That Christmas Eve in Galion has been a beautiful memory every Christmas since I was 15. At 93, it is as precious to me now as it was then. Thank you Galion.”

It was signed by Victoria Allwine Willis.

Victoria, thank you. I hope you have a wonderful day and a beautiful Christmas. I hope you find this article on the Internet or someone you know in Galion mails you a copy. Your memory brought a lot of smiles to a lot of faces.

Your card, combined with your beautiful memory, created a memory for myself.

Merry Christmas!

The cover of a Christmas card received last week at the Galion Inquirer. (Photo courtesy Burgoyne, Inc.)
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/38/2016/12/web1_Christmas-Card.jpgThe cover of a Christmas card received last week at the Galion Inquirer. (Photo courtesy Burgoyne, Inc.)

A holiday memory from far away and long ago

Russ Kent



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