Neighbors helping neighbors


Saturday was a rainy day but that did not stop volunteers from participating in Neighbors Helping Neighbors, a day of cleaning up the community.

About 130 volunteers from several local churches and other community organizations were part of the cleanup effort, spearheaded by the leadership at Grace Point Church with cooperation from the City of Galion.

Volunteers helped with drop-offs at the dumpsters and recycling trailers placed in Heise Park and East Park. Eight 40-yard dumpsters of trash, three 40-yard dumpsters of tires and two recycling trailers were filled, in addition to what city crews are currently working to pick up curbside. City crews will continue to work on those pickups over the next couple of days until everything has been collected.

Volunteers also went to homes that requested assistance with yard work or hauling junk items. Other groups planted flowers at the Uptowne Square and performed improvement projects at Heise Park.

Residents were appreciative of the help. Some even cried. Natalie Tyrell Martin sent the City a message through Facebook: “A crew helped my mom out a lot today. She had a wonderful experience. Thank you so very much.”

Rick Mangette was part of the group that helped at the Heise Park bandshell. He also wrote on the City Facebook page: “Thanks to all who dedicated their time and talents to clean, paint, weed, and landscape the band shell at Heise Park. Thank you to Jinny at Grace Point Methodist, Dan at the street department, My Floors, Poland’s Hardware, Liberty Mill, MIA Ministries, and those praying for our communities.”

“From the City’s perspective, Saturday’s clean-up day was a tremendous success,” Acting Safety-Service Director Nikki Ward said. “It’s difficult to adequately express our appreciation for the overwhelming participation of the Galion Area Ministerial Association and Grace Point Church, all of their church volunteers, Scout troops and other community organizations who stepped up in such a big way. We’re so excited about the progress that was made in cleaning up the community and are already thinking of ways to make next year even bigger and better.”

Boy Scout Troop 304 helped load up the dumpster and recycling trailer at East Park. (Courtesy Photo) Scout Troop 304 helped load up the dumpster and recycling trailer at East Park. (Courtesy Photo)

The Galion Service Department continues to pick up curbside items put out by residents. (Courtesy Photo) Galion Service Department continues to pick up curbside items put out by residents. (Courtesy Photo)

Staff report

The Galion City Health Departments’ nuisance program seeks to eliminate unsanitary conditions in the community that pose potential hazards to public health. Public health nuisance conditions often result from the improper storage and/or disposal of solid waste, or the accumulation of solid waste on premises. In addition to drawing insect and animal pests, unsanitary premises may have old tires and watertight containers that give mosquitoes stagnant water in which to breed. Unsanitary properties may pose a potential threat to public health, cause blight in a neighborhood, and in severe cases can affect the values of nearby properties.

Mosquitoes are an all too familiar part of summer. They are not only annoying, but they present a potential health risk as carriers of disease. Eliminating mosquito habitats around your home can go a long way to reduce the mosquito population. The recent Community Clean-Up Day is helping to reduce many potential hazards to public health including those that breed mosquitoes. For more information regarding Public

Health nuisances go to

Source: Galion Health Department

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