Poker Run for a Police K9


A local bar and motorcycle club joined forces to help raise money in memory of honorary Officer Craig Taylor and the Galion Police Department for K9 Unit.

The 90 mile round trip Poker Run on July 25 started and ended at TNT Bar, with over 100 people and 50 participating bikes, passengers and cars.

“The total amount raised for the Galion Police Department was $1,333.60.” Grimlock said, “We really want to get the full amount for them. Every penny that comes in after this will be 100 percent donated to the department. Donations can be dropped of at our building or the TNT Bar.”

The track, drug and bite K9 dog will cost somewhere between $12,500 to $15,000.

“(The cost depends on)where you get it from, training, vet care and handler training.” Police Officer John Bourne said, ”The vehicle will need to be converted to a (vehicle with regulation temperatures to help secure the dog).”

Dogs are often called upon to assist in law enforcement. They can help detain a suspect, pursue a suspect (by tracking him), identify a suspect (by his scent), detect illegal substances (including bombs and controlled substances like illegal drugs), deter crime, protect officers and control crowds.

“It will be a huge benefit for us and the community as well.” Bourne said, “It will be a huge advantage on the war on drugs. On a traffic stop, when we pull a vehicle over we are allowed to have the dog do an air sniff. If the dog detects drugs, that’s probable cause to search the vehicle without the owners consent.”

“We want to help the Galion Police Department raise money for a K9.” President of the Galion Ohio Charter of League of Riders Motorcycle Club Brett Bennett said, “To make a difference in the community. We want people to know that everyone can make a difference. All they have to do is try. Get up and do something. Be positive and focus.”

Bennett is better known to club members as “Grimlock.”

The charter wants people to understand our foundation is trust, honor, strength and respect.

“Not all motorcycle clubs are bad people.” Bennett said, “Our goal is to show a positive example for our community. We are not stopping here, our goal is to get bigger and better. To continue to build relationships and to know we are here.”

The charter wants to thank the police department, TNT Bar and all the local businesses and the community for their help.

“They made this another success.” Bennett said,”We usually do one a year, but we were asked to do this by TNT Bar owner Pam.”

The Galion Police Department made 28 year old Craig Taylor (Farrow) an honorary officer March 12, 2014. Craig was diagnosed with terminal cancer and his lifelong dream was to be a police officer.

“(I wanted) to help the police department.” TNT Bar co-owner Pam Tischer said, “For making my son happy before he passed away.”

To donate call: 419-543-5970; email: [email protected]; drop donations off at TNT Bar 529 Sherman St. Galion.

The TNT Bar in Galion hosted a celebration for Poker Run participants. TNT Bar in Galion hosted a celebration for Poker Run participants.

By Deborah Elaine Evans

[email protected]

Reach Evans at 419-468-1117 ext. 2049 or on Twitter at @deborahevans31

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