Schines Theatre demo starts


BUCYRUS – The Schines Theatre, that was once bustling of activity as movie-goers watched the latest films, consumed popcorn or met up for a date night, is coming down piece by piece.

Workers from Moderalli Excavating Inc. and J&J Asbestos Abatement are using caution to take the theatre down to protect Midwest Furniture on South Sandusky Avenue.

According to Eunice Collene, administrative assistant in the mayor’s office and the city’s project manager for the theatre demolition, South Sandusky Avenue is closed in the area of the Schine’s Theatre, along with East Warren Street at South Sandusky Avenue, while the demolition is in progress.

The theatre was opened in 1936 and closed in 1991 after a fire in the front portion of the building. The group, Bucyrus Community Theater, Inc., obtained the deed for the property from Randy Strauch through Projects Inc. at the end of 2007, and began a fund-raising campaign to restore the theatre. Their efforts were halted after they were unable to receive a state grant of $250,000 that would have made the restoration possible. The group did raise money for a new roof for the building before their efforts ceased.


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By Kimberly Gasuras

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