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Galion has a colorful and lengthy past. The events noted in this column are taken from the Galion Inquirer archives from years past. The focus will be items of personal or community interest from 10, 25, 50 and 75 years ago.

The week ending July 23, 2005

The preliminary test results were in from the 2005 Ohio Graduation Test. Galion students tested well and were above the state mandated percentages.

The 89th Heydinger Family Reunion was held with 53 members present. The first reunion was held in 1916 and honored the descendants of John Adam Heydinger.

US District Court Judge Lesley Wells disqualified herself from the U.S. vs William Bauer case. Judge James S. Gwin was named as her replacement.

The Galion City School District needed passage of 4.1 mill levy to complete the funding for operating expenses. The levy was placed on the ballot for Aug 2.

The Crawford County Junior Fair Showman of Showmen contest was won by Matt Finney from Tiro.

The week ending July 23, 1990

Mary Hench, Julie Miller and Karyn Christman were pictured learning cardo pulmonary resuscitation at the American Heart Association’s class.

Clear skies and temperatures in the 90s were forecast for the week.

The Crawford County Fair was in full swing. The Galion Inquirer printed pages of photos of 4-H exhibitors, contest judges and kids on rides.

Pete Rose was given a prison sentence and fined by a judge for federal income tax evasion. Rose had been banned from baseball in 1989.

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Heacock celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Strauch celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.

The week ending July 23, 1965

Members of the Galion American Legion Scarbrough Post 243 band were pictured during a performance on the square. They played ti kick off the merchants “Sleepwalkers Sale.”

Golf equipment and merchandise stolen from the Galion Country Club pro shop valued at $3995 was recovered. Not recovered was the stolen candy and cigarettes.

Cecil Donaldson of Rt 1, Galion was pictured reading the instructions attached to a card from a 4-H club balloon launch in Kokomo, Indiana.

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Kumm celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

Mrs. Henry Timken, niece of Mrs. Frank E Firestone, 308 E Payne Ave, became the first woman in the United States to earn her pilot’s license on the Lear jet.

The week ending July 23, 1940

Robert’s Wine Store, 228 Harding Way East, advertised full quarts of Cincinnati Beer for 23 cents and “courteous free delivery on wine or one dollar or over on beer.”

Bruno’s Blue Room, 225 Harding Way East, advertised Saturday Night Special: Chow Mein 35 cents per meal and invited diners to “beat the heat and enjoy yourself!”

The first Crawford County harvested wheat reached the Galion markets on 7/19. The quality was good, testing 59 – 60 ½ pounds per bushel. A.E. Nigh of New Winchester Rd harvested 12.5 acres of wheat which yielded slightly better than 20 bushels per acre.

A weekend heat wave drove a record crowd to the Heise Park swimming pool. Temperatures reached 91 degrees and 530 bathers went swimming.

Evelyn M Mackey and Kenneth M Badgley were announced as having married in Kentucky on July 12.


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By Noel Lizotte

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