This Week In Galion’s History


By Noel Lizotte

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Galion has a colorful and lengthy past. The events noted in this column are taken from the Galion Inquirer archives from years past. The focus will be items of personal or community interest from 10, 25, 50 and 75 years ago.

The week ending July 8, 2005

The Galion Rotary International Club hosted the annual fireworks show. Independence Day was a Monday.

Virginia Sherer was pictured holding a sparkler while waiting for the fireworks show to begin.

The weather forecast included highs in the lower 80s and thunderstorms.

Sarah Maddox was headed to the international Biblical quizzing championship for the fifth year.

Lowe-Volk Park held a Share the History Day. Speaker Frank Saxton explained the story behind the park’s previous name: Blue Hole.

Musical Junction Performance Company announced their show times for the production “Colors in Concert”.

The week ending July 8, 1990

Chris Urwin was pictured learning to swim at the East Pool American Red Cross swim lessons.

Craig Miley captured first place at the Northwest Ohio Bid Calling Contest held at Van Wert County fairgrounds.

Independence Day was a Wednesday. The Galion Lions Club hosted a carnival in Heise Park including fireworks.

Mr. & Mrs. James Petersen of Chestnut Place celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. Mr. & Mrs. William Lotts celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

Galion City Schools announced that the price of a school lunch was going up. No rate was announced yet.

The week ending July 8, 1965

Tickets to the Mills Brothers Circus at the Tire School Grounds were on sale at the J&H Shoe Store on the Square in Galion.

Galion’s newest small business manufactured flares. “Lite A Flare” and emergency flar and “Fire Stickers’ charcoal starters were the two products made by the Galion Research Corp. Conrad Vaughn, Jerry Kragh, Ross Leatherow and Rolland Laughbaum were the owners.

PPG purchase ground for a recreational park. The 19.6 acres were located next to the plant on Horning Road.

Barbara Lohr had her picture featured on the front page of the Galion Inquirer. She enjoyed cotton candy by the mouthful at the Gal-Lions amusement carnival in Heise Park.

Fireworks were scheduled for the 4th of July festivities at Heise Park. Elmore Culver was photographed checking the installation of flares and rockets.

The week ending July 8, 1940

Galion had no plans for a public 4th of July celebration. Most shops and offices were closed in observance of the holiday.

100 Japanese beetle traps were set in Galion. The traps were an attempt to determine if there was an infestation of Japanese beetles or not.

Fireworks were for sale at the Garage on Bucyrus Road by Floyd Whiteamire.

Saul’s held their 22nd annual clearance sale on clothing. Summer dresses were on sale for $1.99 and Men’s Coats were $2.99.

“When you are in need of any of the thousands of items in our store, Just Telephone. Just Call 1234.” Quay’s Walgreen Company Drug Store offered their assistance in an advertisement.

The Galion Horseshoe League opened their season at Heise Park. Garth Roup was appointed director of horseshoes.


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