Accused squatter arrested again


Jeffrey Miller was arrested today for the second time in two weeks after a grand jury secretly indicted him on charges of theft and having a weapon while under a disability.

Miller was served at the county courthouse today and taken into custody. He is being held at the Morrow County Correctional Facility until he can appear in court on the new charges.

Miller was also arrested on June 13, 2015 after Hidden Lakes Campground Security reported a fight at the campground involving Miller and a County Road 25 man. He was reportedly released on an O.R. bond out of municipal court afterward. The terms of his original bond stated “the defendant shall have no further criminal conduct during the pendency of this action.”

Miller and two co-defendants are facing charges of burglary, attempted theft and criminal trespass after occupying a home and property on State Route 314 that they did not have permission to use or live in. The three were arrested at the site in late April and Miller was released from the Morrow County jail on $25,000.00 surety or 10% cash AND signature bond, which was signed by his relative. The relative who posted his bond sought to revoke it in early June, and the motion was denied by Judge Robert Hickson, Jr. on June 5. The property Miller was staying at (until his trial) is in Hidden Lakes and owned by the same relative.

Miller filed a Notice of Appeal on May 4, 2015 on ‘Unconstitutional Soundness, on behalf of the assumed defendants and co-defendants: forcing the assumed defendants under the threat of death, cohesion duress without one’s own free will.’ He asked Hickson about that appeal at his June 5 hearing, and the judge said he found no illegal grounds for Miller’s arrest, booking and incarceration and would not honor it.

A date of Aug. 27, 2015 is set to hear all pre-trial motions. Miller is acting as his own attorney in this case, and attorney Don Wick is of assistance of counsel, as required by Hickson.

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