Bingo returns to Galion on Feb. 1

American Legion Scarbrough Post 243 bringing back popular Thursday-night games

GALION — After almost 10 years, American Legion Scarbrough Post 243 is starting up weekly Thursday-night Bingo at 118 S. Market St. These games are open to the public. The first one is Feb. 1. Doors open at 5 p.m. with games starting at 6 p.m. Legionnaires Ken Green and Mike Mateer are teaming to head the effort.

“We see an opportunity to use this activity to help give back to Galion.” Green said. “It is it a safe activity that anyone can participate in. Proceeds are intended to support various Post and individual veteran needs, as well as to help our Post Scholarship Fund.“

Traditional 75-ball Bingo games will be the focus. Initially prizes will range from $50 to $500, with a business model to double those prize levels as the participant base builds.

“We have been receiving five to eight calls a week asking if we were offering Bingo,” Green said. “We have the equipment and the hall where Bingo used to be played. It makes sense to start this back up. We have received our proper licensing from the State of Ohio and are in the process of establishing procedures to conduct the game.”

Mateer has been focused on the business aspects of the operation.

“We have reviewed several operations outside a 30-mile radius of Galion and see a solid business base still exists for the game,” he said. “Within the 30-mile radius few opportunities exist to play Bingo. Some are driving 40- to 50-miles to play. Now we can offer the game locally in a setting whereit was traditionally held.”

Mateer and Green both agree that the Bingo games will be an activity for Galionites, and others from the surrounding area.

“This is not just a game for older people,” Mateer said. “Bingo can become very intense and competitive. Winning can not only result in bragging rights between friends, but can also result in cash prizes.

Alcohol will not be not served in the Bingo area and a family atmosphere of excitement and anticipation for the next number will be maintained.

“Our No. 1 focus is to do our best to ensure those who come have fun,” Green said. “Anyone new to the Bingo environment should not be worried. Contact us ahead of time and we will be ready to walk you through the process so your first evening is as enjoyable as that for a seasoned Bingo veteran. Just grab your Bingo Troll or other Lucky Charm and come on down!”

Monthly themes will help participants have fun between games and during breaks. The “Grand Opening” event is Groundhog Gala on Feb. 1. Future events may include Bring A Vet Night, Karaoke Bingo, Galion Night, Mother’s Club Night Out, G-Jacket Jubilee and other themes. Theme nights will have their own unique deals and incentives.

“This is another opportunity to get people into uptown Galion for recreational opportunities,” Mateer added. “That is something we can use more of and we are happy to be able to help in this effort. This will also allow more recreational dollars to be spent and kept local rather than moving to areas outside Galion or even outside Crawford County.

“Our business projections indicate some scenarios where more than $500,000 per year of gross revenue could be drawn into Galion from other areas. This does not include what Bingo players from outside Galion could spend on gas, food, and other retail venues.”

For more information, contact Green at 419-569-0200 or You can contact Mateer at 540-622-4888 or
American Legion Scarbrough Post 243 bringing back popular Thursday-night games


By Russ Kent

Galion Inquirer