Galion man gets four years on drug charges

A second area man has bond set at $250,000 on sex charges

BUCYRUS — A Galion man was told last week that his life was being saved again, before he was sentenced to four years in prison by Crawford County Common Pleas judge Sean Leuthold.

On Oct. 1, Debard was found unconscious from an overdose, according to probation officer Eric Bohack. Emergency medical personnel administered three Narcan shots to revive him. On Oct. 2, he submitted a urinalysis test that tested positive for cocaine and heroin.

Debard admitted to using the drugs and violating his community control. The most recent overdose brought with it the new charges of drug possession.

Before sentencing, Debard’s attorney, Tom Nicholson addressed the court.

“Even though he has all this family support, for the devil of him he can’t stop using drug,” Nicholson said, pointing to members of Debard’s family. “We’ve tried every option available and nothing has worked. Hopefully this will put this young man on the right path and we ask the court to accept this plea deal.”

And Leuthold did.

“If I don’t put you in prison, you’ll be dead within a year. I’ll read about how you suddenly died, and I’m sure your family agrees with me,” the judge said.

Leuthold also advised Debard to get involved in some of the prison programs and change his life around.

“You got to get your act together,” he said. “You’re 20. You can kick this thing and live another 75 years.”

Leuthold imposed a 48-month sentence and told Debard he would watch how he progresses and look at a possible early release into a treatment-based center after two years.

Debard will be given credit for jail time served. He will forfeit all drug-related property to the Galion Police Department

Another Galion man, Glenn A. Stewart, was indicted by the grand jury via video from the Crawford County Justice Center on Monday. Stewart’s attorney Pat Murphy was in court for the reading of the indictment, to enter a plea and discuss bond for Stewart.

Stewart is accused of sexual battery and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. He faces two third-degree felony indictments, each punishable by up to 36 months in prison.

His bond was set at $250,000 despite a plea for a lesser amount by Murphy.

“I take charges of sex crimes against children very seriously,” Leuthold said. “The nature of this case calls for a high bond.”
Another area man’s bail set at $250,000 on sex charges


By Kathy Laird