Memorial Day flyover planned in Bellville

BELLVILLE — The village is going to have a special treat at its Memorial Day celebration May 27.

There will be a “fly-over,” of F-16 jets, provided courtesy of the base in Toledo, according to Mayor Teri Brenkus.

The mayor told council members she had been working with a colonel to have her request considered.

The “coolest part” according to Brenkus, was being notified in an email from the Pentagon.

The planes, “Stingers,” will be flown from Toledo and will make several stops. They have been asked to fly over Bellville during the ceremony at the flag memorial being dedicated that day in the cemetery.

She said she was told people would have to “hustle up the hill” to get to the cemetery to coordinate the event. A parade in the downtown area at 11 a.m. will precede the dedication ceremony.

The planes are going to start flying at 9 a.m. and will be doing the ceremonial salute at several cities.

One observer at the council meeting said the planes will probably be flying at 700 miles an hour, to get their job done.

A new flag and memorial area have been put in place at the cemetery and are to be dedicated that day. A white bench in the area of the cemetery was falling apart but someone has volunteered to fix it up so that it can still decorate the area, Brenkus said.

The memorial at the cemetery will have a compass figure as one component.

Council approved a proclamation designating May as Mental Health Month in Bellville.

Joseph Trolian of Mental Health and Recovery Services in Mansfield appeared to accept the proclamation from Brenkus. He told council 9,726 people are served.

Brenkus’ proclamation said people should “recommit” to increasing mental health awareness and the needs of people with mental health difficulties.

There will be no variety show in the village this year because of a lack of interest, Brenkus told council.

Vic Swisher, council member, told about work being done in Palm Park and the difficulties associated with the pond in the lower area. It fills with silt, and it had been suggested that the pond be closed. Swisher said there is too much red tape to accomplish that, so repairs must be done by staff.

Council honored fiscal officer Brigette Gatton, who will be leaving that office.

Brenkus said Gatton is “moving on after 11 years.”


By Louise Swartzwalder

Galion Inquirer