What are your thoughts on medical marijuana; possible legalization of recreational marijuana?

Medical marijuana is legal in Ohio.

But should it be?

You tell me.

Also, should the recreational use of marijuana be legal in Ohio?

What do you think?

I say yes to the first, and although I’m not completely sold on the legalization of recreational marijuana, I think I’m OK with it.

A column on Page 4 of today’s Galion Inquirer — submitted by the Ohio State Bar Association — goes into a lot more detail about what is legal in Ohio, what you have to do to get medical marijuana, the form it comes in and how what Ohio and other states are doing goes against Federal Law.

One more question.

Have your thoughts and opinions on medical or recreational marijuana changed?

I’m putting together a story on the legalization of medicinal marijuana and I’d like your input.

If you have a prescription, and you’re willing to share your experience, I’d like to talk to you about that, too.

If you feel strongly — or not so strongly — about the recreational use of pot, marijuana, ganja and weed, I’d love to know what you are thinking.

Email your comments to [email protected] or respond to this story through our website or Facebook page. I will use some of your comments in that story.

When I was younger, I tried marijuana a few times. Most of the folks a ran with did, too. It did it’s job. It gave me a buzz, as did a few beers or a couple shots of Wild Turkey or Yukon Jack, or a deceptively delicious bottle of Mad Dog or Boonesfarm Country Kwencher.

Even 35 years ago, I never saw much of a difference between weed and alcohol. Well, there was won big difference. Marijuana was illegal, which certainly cut down on its use in my circles.

Here is an excerpt from the OSBA column:

… Ohio has only legalized the medical use of marijuana for a specified number of medical conditions. In addition, Ohio has established certain registration requirements for medical marijuana patients and caregivers. Finally, Ohio allows registered patients to use medical marijuana only in certain ways, and smoking a “joint” is not one of them.

What the law allows Ohio’s medical marijuana law allows patients suffering from one or more of approximately 20 qualifying medical conditions (including HIV/AIDS, epilepsy, cancer, PTSD, etc.) to use medical marijuana. The law only allows medical marijuana to be dispensed to patients or caregivers who are properly registered with the State of Ohio and who possess an Ohio-issued patient or caregiver identification card.

Ohio permits registered patients to use medical marijuana via oils, tinctures or extracts, plant material, edibles (food containing THC) and patches. Vaporization of medical marijuana also is permitted but smoking and other combustion of medical marijuana are not allowed. Any retailer who is dispensing medical marijuana must have obtained and paid for a license from the Ohio Board of Pharmacy. …

Most of this information, I already knew.

The one thing I learned is that even though medical marijuana is now available in Ohio, that doesn’t make it legal to light up a medicinal joint or fire up a medicinal bong or pipe. “Smoking” marijuana for it’s medical benefits will still be illegal.

And that brings me to my final point, or observation.

Professional athletes — most notably in the NFL and NBA — say they use marijuana as a way to deal with the ever-present pain that comes with being a professional athlete. I believe them. But I wonder, if all those athletes were allowed access to the chemicals in marijuana that treat pain, but they had to take a pill, ingest some oil or munch on a brown to get that same relief, would it still be as popular.

I’m not so certain. Although a lot of athletes use marijuana to help them deal with pain, I think many use the pain claim as a crutch. And he weed is mostly go get high.

Again, please tell me your thoughts on the legalization of medical marijuana, recreational marijuana and whether your opinions about its legalization have changed through the years.

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Medicinal marijuana is legal in Ohio? Should the recreational use of pot be legal, too?


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