More awards unveiled for fall athletes

With the fall sports seasons either finished or winding down, the Knox-Morrow Athletic Conference (KMAC), the Northern-10 Athletic Conference (N-10) and the Mid-Ohio Athletic Conference (MOAC) continue to release their lists of all-conference team members in their respective sports.

Both the KMAC and N-10 will release their football all-conference members once everyone’s season concludes as the MOAC has released first and second-team members on the gridiron for both offense and defense. Over in the KMAC, East Knox remains the only team still in title contention while the N-10 has both Seneca East and Carey in the mix. In the MOAC, both the Shelby Whippets and the Pleasant Spartans are still alive.

While many of the all-conference honors have already been released, here are the most recent additions from area schools



First-Team Defense: Elijah Hughes, Ashton Lyon and Brennen South, Clear Fork; Brayden Eckels, John Abouhassan and Isaiah Alsip, Galion; Logan Hissong, Ontario; Cooper Graham and Carson Klingel, River Valley; Grant Gossom, Austin Gray and Marek Albert, Shelby

First-Team Offense: Brennen South, Gray Jordan and Blake Miller, Clear Fork; John Abouhassan, Isaiah Alsip and Wilson Frankhouse, Galion; Patrick Blubaugh, Austin Shaffer and Ethan Enders, Pleasant; Zach Hartz, McGwire Albert and Owen Fisher, Shelby

Second-Team Defense: Bruce Swainhart and Collin Crider, Clear Fork; Colton Yost and Jackson Staton, Galion; Mitchell Myers, Harding; CJ Smith, Pleasant; Logan Miracle and Kevin Wade, River Valley; Brinson DeLauder, Nathan Zehner, Evan Bogner and Marshall Shepherd, Shelby

Second-Team Offense: Bruce Swainhart and Tacoma Orr, Clear Fork; Dominic Pittman, James Burkholder, Hanif Donaldson and Wyatt Hollis, Galion; Alex Joachim, Cale Chase and Kaden Ralston, Pleasant; Jake Green and Luke Rodgers, River Valley; Camden Armstrong and Blain Bowman, Shelby

League Champion: Shelby Whippets



First-Team: Makenna Belcher Highland; Meggan Bartok East Knox; Olivia Mast Fredericktown; Kelsey Boeshart Fredericktown; Leslie Brubaker Northmor; Hannah Wickline Cardington; Kyleigh Bonnette Cardington; Brittney Holt Danville

Second-Team: Lindsey Boeshart Fredericktown; Kendall Stover Highland; Natalie Coffing Centerburg; Hallie Rine East Knox; Makenzie Bump Mount Gilead; Hannah Vaughn Fredericktown; Hannah Bailey Danville; Macy Miracle Northmor

Honorable Mention: Gena West Highland; Reign Hernandez East Knox; Taylor Scowden Centerburg; Summer Weller Fredericktown; Audrey Brininger Cardington; Jessica Brewer Mount Gilead; Ally Bower Danville; Julianne Kincaid Northmor

Player of the Year: Raina Terry of Highland; Coach of the Year: Rob Terrill of Highland

All-Academic (GPA of 3.5+): Lillee Keltner Highland; Hallie Rine East Knox; Grace Mulpas Centerburg; Paige Oswalt Fredericktown; Hannah Wickline Cardington; Jessica Brewer Mount Gilead; Aubrey Dawson Danville; Macy Miracle Northmor

League champion: Highland Lady Fighting Scots

Girls Cross Country

First-Team: Loey Hallabrin Cardington; Camberly Schade Highland; Avery Tucker Centerburg; Baylee Hack Mount Gilead; Emily Hanft Mount Gilead; Juliana DiTullio Northmor; Natalie Vanmeter Fredericktown; Aeryn Walters Centerburg; Elsa Hoam Fredericktown; Olivia Millisor Mount Gilead

Second-Team: Makenna Hennell Centerburg; Michaela McGill Mount Gilead; Lauren Johnson Northmor; Riley Johnson Northmor; Georgie Caputo Fredericktown; Sadie Sanders Fredericktown; Emma Linhares Fredericktown; Abigail Dickhof Centerburg; Julia Kanagy Northmor; Lauren Garber Highland

Runner of the Year: Loey Hallabrin of Cardington; Coach of the Year: Mike Eblin of Centerburg

All-Academic: Baylee Hack Mount Gilead; Juliana DiTullio Northmor; Aeryn Walters Centerburg; Georgie Caputo Fredericktown

League Champion: Centerburg Lady Trojans

Boys Cross Country

First-Team: Liam Dennis Mount Gilead; Thomas Caputo Fredericktown; Mason White Cardington; Ethan Supplee Mount Gilead; Brett Shipman Mount Gilead; Evan France Fredericktown; Michael Snopik Mount Gilead; Gavvin Keen Northmor; Titus Krabill Fredericktown; Eric Mowery Mount Gilead

Second-Team: Ethan Dudgeon Fredericktown; Nathan Streby East Knox; Hunter Bolton Highland; Racine Hallabrin Cardington; Kooper Keen Northmor; Blake Johnson Centerburg; Reed Supplee Mount Gilead; Austin Amens Northmor; Will Carlisle Centerburg; Zachary Wetzel Highland

Runner of the Year: Liam Dennis Mount Gilead; Coach of the Year: Jake Hayes Mount Gilead

All-Academic: Liam Dennis Mount Gilead; Thomas Caputo Fredericktown; Austin Amens Northmor; Bruce Jordan Highland; William Carlisle Centerburg; Nathan Whitney East Knox

League Champion: Mount Gilead Indians


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