Russ Kent: Random thoughts for a holiday weekend

My mind seems to wander at times.

It just jumps from one thought, one idea to the next.

Today (Friday morning) was one of those times.

What holiday weekend is this?

Much of America is embarking on a three-day weekend. It’s known as the unofficial end of summer … and sometimes Labor Day, a federal holiday originally planned to give workers a day of rest and to celebrate their contribution to the American economy.

But as are most Monday holidays in this country, its mostly cherished as a paid day off from work, and as a day to fire up the grill, cook some steaks or ribs or chicken, husk some fresh corn and drink some iced tea or an adult beverage of your choice.

And for most, it’s one last day to sit around the yard or on your patio or deck schmoozing and chatting with friends and relatives … discussing the fact that another summer has passed way too fast.

What are you cooking?

I debated between brisket and grilled shrimp?

I settled on something a little less exotic and discovered this:

Balogna sandwiches are not created equal

I purchased some bologna on sale this week. It was a name brand. I had it sliced in half-inch pieces prepared to grill it sometime this weekend. (It is cheaper than brisket and holds better than shrimp).

But fried balogna also is pretty darn good done atop the stove. You just have to nurture it. The secret is to cook it on a low heat for 20-25 minutes (there is a reason it takes so long to get your sandwich in Waldo). And you can’t burn in.

Add a piece of cheese, some pickles and a slice of raw onion on a grilled bun with some mayonnaise and you have a pretty decent sandwich. But after following all those steps on Wednesday evening, it wasn’t even half as good as the one you get in Waldo.

And yes, I’ve tried it with some of the balogna stores around here call “Waldo balogna.”

It’s still not the same, and it never will be.

So back to the grill I go, and this time I’ll add barbecue sauce.

Did the weekend start early?

I stepped out the front door of the Galion Inquirer on Tuesday, looked up and down the street and saw …well … nothing. Everyarking spot on my block, on my side of of the street, was empty. Only three parking spots on the north side of Harding Way were filled. I did not see a single person walking or window shopping or even smoking.

The only thing on that block that actually looked anything at all like commerce, were the bikes on the sidewalk in front of Cycling Sports Center.

And no, it was not 1 a.m., it was 1:30 p.m.

Just sayin’.

The Browns are for real!

I mean, they are going to be REAL bad this year!

I don’t know how I feel about that. I don’t have much faith in their our retread QB. I like our running backs and Josh Gordon will always be a highlight (pun intended) for this organization. But the offensive line is way less than adequate, and the defense? Well, it is going to have to improve a lot to even be as good as our woeful offensive line.

But is this the dark before a new dawn?

I’m trying to convince myself that is the case. I like the new hierarchy of the organization. I don’t mind them getting rid of much of the deadweight and former first-round picks that no one in their right mind would have chosen.

For the first time in more than a decade, it appears there is at least a game plan for a future.

Will it continue? I doubt it.

My loyalty for this organization has waivered — a lot — in recent years. I can’t tell you the last time I sat down and actually watched an entire Browns game on TV. I’m usually so frustrated after one quarter of ineptness that I flip to another channel or take a walk.

I continue to expect the worst. So I guess anything less than an 0-16 mark for my StumbleBrowns will be a success.

How good of a coach is Urban Meyer?

I know he is very good. The nation knows he is very good.

But with only six returning starters on this year’s team, 2016 is going to be a challenge. This may be the least amount of experience he’s had on a team since his first year as head coach at Bowling Green.

We shall see.

I’m not expecting this week’s game vs. BG to be a blowout. The Buckeyes will win, but I believe they will struggle on offense and defense.

I’m guessing 31-17.

And what about those Galion Tigers?

They have thus far confused me.

The Tigers looked like world-beaters against Bucyrus squad last week. They did not look good in a preseason “game” with Shelby.

I know after watching the team run more than 50 “gassers” on their first day of practice, they’ll be in top condition.

Friday night’s game vs. Cardington, another team with offensive firepower, may have provided a few more answers.

But so far, so good for new coach Matt Dick.

And I like the new helmets.

Anyway, have a great weekend and enjoy the weather.

Russ Kent

Inquirer Editor


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