Hedges upsets Richart in Galion Council, Galion School District passes renewal levy

By Chris Pugh - [email protected]

Galion businessman Jim Hedges upset incumbent Galion City Councilman Michael Richart Tuesday in the biggest surprise of Election Night.

Hedges defeated Richart by an unofficial total of 263-163.

“People are ready for a change,” Hedges said. “My platform was to bring big business back to Galion and no one was against it. It’s a win-win situation.”

He added that he is interested in running for mayor next year.

“Going to go to talk to friends who own big business,” Hedges said. “This town needs industrial growth and I will do what it takes.”

Richart said he was disappointed, but this is why we have elections.

“Hopefully my opponent will continue all that we have started with the community.” Richart said. “We want the community to prosper and the bottom line is we are heading towards getting the community on it’s feet.”

He continued to say that he believes things for city are heading in the right direction.

“Hopefully new members will follow,” Richart said. “So we have a bright future in Galion.”

The Galion City School District passed a renewal operating levy by an unofficial total of 2,005-1,206.

“I need to thank the voters that approved this renewal levy first and foremost,” Superintendent Jim Grubbs said. “Your yes vote today ensures that we can continue operating at our current levels and continue providing a quality education for Galion children.”

“We have a fantastic group of volunteers who worked on this campaign,” Grubbs said. “I want to thank those volunteers, as well as the many individuals and corporations who contributed to the success of this campaign.”

“We are incredibly grateful that the community chose to pass this renewal levy,” Board of Education President Jennifer Kuns said. “We must continue being good stewards of taxpayers’ monies to ensure we show the community our high level of gratitude.”

In another contested race, Dr. Thomas Fellner and Shirley Clark maintained their Galion City Council positions, while former Councilman Gail Baldinger rejoined Council by placing third.

They defeated Judy Gibson and current Galion Treasurer Paula Durbin in the race.

The unofficial results were Fellner (1,512), Clark (1,024), Baldinger (989), Gibson (842) and Durbin (729).

Fellner said he was very happy voters returned him to the council table.

“I am looking forward to it in the next two years.” Fellner said. “The city is moving in the right direction with a lot of things, like the new hotel.”

In Polk Township, a fire and ambulance service renewal levy passed by a 481-206 margin.

Rodney Sparks defeated William Comerford by an unofficial count of 1,157-856 in the race for Durbin’s old job.

“I’m excited,” Sparks said. “It’s an honor to serve the citizens. I need to get my feet wet. I want to go in with an open mind and see where we’re at.”

Carl Watt, Sarah Capretta, Susan Bean and Mark Triplett ran unopposed for Galion City Council, while Dennis Long, Brian Carson, Brian Owens and Grant Garverick ran unopposed for Galion Board of Education.

Galion President Carl Watt said he was overall pleased with how the election went Tuesday night.

“Not only on the local issues but the state issues,” Watt said. “Glad at the turnout we had with the voters and the school levy passed by with the majority it did.”

Bucyrus re-elected Mayor Jeffery Reser (2,090), Reser defeated Daniel Ross (656), Joshua Weiler (254) and Louis Katona (215).

Crestline elected a new mayor, Gloria McDonald (373), followed by Gerald Dowell (325) in second place with former City Manager of Galion Eugene Troy placing third (292) and John Mills (120) in fourth place.

Here are the contested results in Crawford County.


Bucyrus City Mayor

Jeffery Reser 2090

Daniel Ross 656

Joshua Weiler 254

Louis Katona III 215

Bucyrus City at Large (vote for 3)

Mark Makeever 1874

Wanda Sharrock 1653

Daniel Wirebaugh 1289

Cory Tyrell 810

Crestline Village Mayor

Gloria McDonald 373

Gerald Dowell 325

Eugene Toy 292

John Mills 120

Crestline Village Council

Allen Moore 678

Tina Swartz 583


Galion Treasurer

Rodney Sparks 1157

William Comerford 856

Galion Council at Large (vote for 3)

Thomas Fellner 1512

Shirley Clark 1024

Gail Baldinger 989

Judy Gibson 842

Paula Durbin 729

Galion 3rd Ward Council

Jim Hedges 263

Michael Richart 163

New Washington Village Mayor

Benjamin Lash 207

Thomas Niedermier 80

Auburn Township Trustee

Tim Marcum 111

Carl Rader 101

Jackson Township Trustee

Aaron Paynter 69

Denis Kempf 47

Jackson Township Fiscal Officer

Kathleen Paynter 81

Denise Jeffery 34

Jefferson Township Trustee

Kevin Walker 392

Lindall Rachel 208

Vernon Township Trustee

Robert Finney 153

Russ Keller 134

Vernon Township Fiscal Officer

Robin Hipsher 197

Jennifer Price 85

Whetstone Township Trustee

Clay Ehmann 445

Steve Jones 307

Whetstone Township Fiscal Officer

Cheryl Wagner 514

Mary Ehmann 229

Mid Ohio ESC (Plymouth)

Margaret Prater 8

Douglas Theaker 6

Mary Theaker 3

Mid Ohio ESC (Plymouth)

Kyle Swigart 8

Richart Prater 7

Mohawk LSD Board of Education

Raymond Wagner 48

Samuel Flood 42

State Issue 1

YES 7745

NO 4079

State Issue 2

Yes 6667

No 5732

State Issue 3

Yes 3745

No 8800

Auburn Township Renewal

For 166

Against 48

Bucyrus Township Renewal

For 241

Against Levy 102

Chatfield Township Renewal

For 178

Against 54

Cranberry Township Additional

For 390

Against 122

Holmes Township Additional

For 277

Against 162

Lykens Township Tax Levy

For 167

Against 40

Polk Township

For 481

Against 206


By Chris Pugh

[email protected]