Four running for three council-at-large seats in Galion

By Russ Kent - [email protected]

BUCYRUS — The Crawford County Board of Elections certified candidate petitions Tuesday for the Nov. 5 general election. Board members certified ballots for candidates running in for county offices, as well as city, village and township offices. They also certified issues to be placed on the Nov. 5 ballot for Crawford County, cities, villages and townships.

City of Galion races

In Galion, all candidates run non-partisan.

There is only one contested race, for city council-at-large. Three seats are up for grabs Nov. 5 in the 2019 general election. There are four candidates: Gail L. Baldinger, 102 Eighth Ave.; Thomas G. Fellner, 112 S. Boston St.; Mark Triplett, 632 Harding Way East; and E. Roberta Wade, 649 Brookside Drive.

Also, Carl Watt will run unopposed for president of Council; Rodney D. Sparks is the only candidates for Galion City Treasurer; Kenneth E. Bodkins is the only candidate Galion’s 1st Ward; Richard A. Ivy is the only candidate for Galion’s 2nd Ward seat; Mike Richart is the only candidate for the 3rd Ward seat; and Tammy D. Siclair-Erlsten is the lone candidate for the 4th Ward.

Crestline races

In Crestline, there are two races, one for mayor and one for Crestline Village Council. Candidates for Mayor are Linda Horning Pitt, 520 W. Bucyrus St.; and John Jones, 501 N. Thomas St.

There are two council-at-large seats open as of Jan. 1, 2020. There are two candidates, Kevin E. Eckert, 409 Maple Dr.; and Mike Weisman, 1-20 Bibich Court.

Bucyrus races

In Bucyrus, there are three candidates for mayor: Democrat Ronald O. Bores, Republican Jeffrey L. Reser, and Independent Daniel Wirebaugh; 2st Ward, Bruce D. Truka; 2nd Ward, Candace M. Yocum; 3rd Ward, Douglas B. Foght; 4th Ward, Lisa Alsept.

There will be only one other contest races, for Bucyrus City Council-at-Large, where three seats are for grabs. Candidates for those three seats include Republicans Mark A. Makeever and Kevin S. Myers; and Independents Karl E. Eichler and James D. Mee.

Candidates for the other seats are uncontested, but include: President of Council, Kurt Fankhauser; City Auditor, Joyce M. Schifer; Law Director, Robert A. Ratliff.

Crawford County races

Incumbent Shane Leuthold is the only candidats for Crawford County Municipal Court Judge

School board races

Galion will have three school-board vacancies starting Jan. 1, 2019. There are three candidates running for those three spots. Candidates are Grant Garverick, 323 Orchard Court, Galion; Dennis Long, 118 W. Church St; and Brian Owens, 511 E. Brandt Road.

There will be two open seats on the Crestline school board. Three candidates are running: James Glauer, Aaron B. Martin and Jeff Wilhite.

Colonel Crawford will have two openings starting in January. Candidates for those spots are Norman Huber and Bradley C. McKibben. Colonel Crawford will have one opening open seat as of Dec. 31, 2021. The candidate for that seat is Gordon E. Grove.

There are five vacancies Jan. 1, 2020 on the Bucyrus school board. There are five candidates: Randall Blankenship, Russell Slanczka, Christa Graves, Sandra J. Stone and David L. Jones, Jr.

Buckeye Central will have two vacancies starting 2020. Candidates for those seats are Jerome Heydinger and Missy McDougal.

At Wynford, there will be two vacancies as of Jan. 1, 2020. Candidates for those seats are Mark Johnson, Scott Langenderfer and Ryan Pelter. There will be another vacancy as of Dec. 31, 2010. The only candidate on the ballot for that seat is Jeffrey L. Bessinger.

By Russ Kent

[email protected]