Make certain food is safe to eat after power outages

Staff report

Editor’s note: information for this article was provided by Richland Public Health

RICHLAND COUNTY — Due to damage and power outaged due to high winds in the last 36 hours, some Richland County residents and businesses are without power, including Richland Public Health.

Richland Public Health has emergency generators needed for refrigeration of vaccines. All services at Richland Public Health are open, but limited until full power is restored. Phone service is also limited.

For individuals without power, freezers will keep your food cold for 24 hours if you don’t open them. If you see signs of thawing, use the food. Cook it soon.

Refrigerator foods should be checked for temperature.

Keep the door closed as much as possible. Foods should remain at 40 degrees or less to be considered safe. Any potentially hazardous foods above 40 degrees for greater than two hours should be thrown away. This would include milk, sour cream, yogurt, soy milk, (butter is safe), soft cheeses, fresh or hard-cooked eggs and egg dishes, cut fresh fruits (fruit juice and fresh fruits are safe), cooked vegetables (raw vegetables are safe), potato salads, pasta and pasta salads, refrigerator rolls, biscuits, cookie dough, cream-filled pastries, and cheese-filled or custard pies.

Guidance for Food Service operations is in the attached document from the Ohio Department of Health Food Safety Program.

Staff report