Crawford County October real estate transactions

These property transfers were recorded in Crawford County during October, 2018:

Kenneth M. Brown to Charles A. Rupert, 311 Emerson St., Bucyrus, $21,000

Clutch Dog, LLC to Machoira Group, LLC, 125 Fisher St., Bucyrus, $25,000

Wilbur G. & Virginia J. Albright Trustees to Roy E. Lucius & Katelyn M. Cramer, 4249 Connely Rd., Bucyrus, $165,000

Christina J. Krueger, Trustee to Lee A. Goins, 416 River St., Bucyrus, $95,000

The Estate of Max M. Cover to Spencer Shipman and Chad Phelps, 337 South St. Rd., Galion, $31,000

Robert D. Kenyon to Kenneth D. Davey, et al., 431 South St., Crestline, $10,000

Connie Louise Orewiler/Walter Wayne Rapp to Terry M. Rapp, 312 Wiley St., Bucyrus, $32,000

Betty Berry to Kenneth W. Berry and Christine A. Berry, 930 Woodlawn Ave., Bucyrus, $60,000

Charles A. Rupert to Joseph A. Hook, 311 Emerson St., Bucyrus, $5,800

Robert G. Jenkins and Susan C. Jenkins to Terry W. Chartier and Barbara A. Chartier, 328 S. Union St., Galion, $93,900

Ellen S. Hirschy to Scott K. & Cheri B. Wintersteller, 1220 Lynne Ave., Bucyrus, $136,000

Bradley E. Johnson to Willard M. Christman, 345 N. Columbus St., Galion, $28,000

Jon A. DeJean to Amanda J. McCoy & Dustin B. Harigle, 935 High St., Bucyrus, $69,500

Hope A. Conklin nka Hope A. Archer to Willow Ann Towne, 306 Park Rd., Crestline, $42,000

Carlton D. Laughbaum to Christine R. Novak, 6681 Remlinger Rd., Crestline, $108,800

Michael R. Stone and Catherine J. Stone to Parker L. Schell, 409 W. Main St., Crestline, $66,900

3 Quinn of Ottawa, LLC to Tidus Kissling, 3030 Quaintance Rd., Bucyrus, $53,000

Tidus Kissling to Jeffrey Pressley and Scott Wending, 3030 Quaintance Rd., Bucyrus, $40,000

Casey Haffa to Bobby W. & Sherry L Mullins, 1894 Brokensword Rd., Bucyrus, $40,000

Harry I. Weir to Cathy J. Lyons, 377 First Ave., Galion, $15,000

Donald L. Tucker & Betty J. Tucker, Trustees to Crawford Park District, 2440 SR 598, Crestline, $184,104

Michael E. Keller and Martine A. Keller, to Karen S. Harris, 1128 Park Rd., Crestline, $120,000

E. Roberta Wade, Executor of the Estate of Samuel S. Siclair, Deceased, probate case 00032784 to Steve G. Willis and Mary F. Willis, 6377 Hosford Rd., Galion, $125,000

Scott M. Fackler and Stephanie A. Fackler to Corey J. Pena and Amanda M. Snyder, 1015 South Walnut St., Bucyrus, $135,000

Joy M. Pifer aka Joy M. Burger aka Joy M. Gledhill to Tanner I. Zaebst, 703 Kaler Ave., Bucyrus, $70,000

Joel T. Swisher to Steven E. Brown, 632 Ridge Ave., Bucyrus, $122,000

Lutz Custom Homes, LLC to Lois V. Smith, 1125 Rikki Lee Lane, Bucyrus, $145,000

Randy D. Schwertfager and Kelley L. Schwertfager to Amanda L. Studer, 4238 St. Rt. 602, Bucyrus, $92,000

Emory V. Bartley and Carol J. Campbell, husband and wife to Donald F. Pfeifer and Beverly A. Pfeifer, 505 Claredon Ave., Galion, $70,000

Steven G. Willman and Jerri A. Willman to Aaron W. Beal and Chelsea M. Beal, 1580 Marion Rd., Bucyrus, $55,000

Reverse Mortgage Solutions to Carl Massey, 933 Whetstone St., Bucyrus, $19,000

Ruthanne Blosser to Earlene N. Surgener, 423 N. Market St., Galion, $15,000

Joyce A. Kreps to Jonathan Bell and Arica Reith, 988 Belleflower Place, Galion, $125,000

Tami L. Garverick to Tyler Carey and Amanda Carey, 922 S. Walnut St., Bucyrus, $104,900

Frederick W. & Jaclyn G. Hendricks, Co. Trustees to Bethany & Adam G. Guinter w&h joint surv., 4505 Holmes Center Rd., Bucyrus, $372,000

Northland Homes & Properties, Inc. to Brandy L. Harmon, 421 E. Lucas St., Bucyrus, $50,000

Rick A. Kigar, a private selling officer to Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, 124 North Wiley St., Crestline,


J.A.S. Limited Partnership to Buckeye Community Eighty, L.P., 585 Galion Arms Court, Galion, $684,067.13

Cleon R. Burton and Mary E. Burton to Tamara L. Robinson, Andrews Rd., Bucyrus, $40,320

Estate of Carl VanBuskirk, Deceased to Daniel Schrock, 2417 Western Ave., North Robinson, $35,00

Charles Wade Huggins, Successor Trustee to Burkhart Farms, LLC, 330.64 Acres, Whetstone Twp. $2,370,500

Brandon I Edison & Shad R Edison to Dustin J Kings, 3067 Linda St., Bucyrus, $54,000

Jared T King to Dustin J King, 3067 Linda St., Bucyrus, $27,000

Terry R & Shelly Smith to Andre M & Carol Ann D’Artagnan, 6088 St Rt 19, Galion, $128,000

Todd Seeds to William H Cottrell, 4505 St Rt 598, Crestline, $95,000

Leonhart Farms LLC to Ohio Power Company, 1.923 acres, $4,808

New Washington Development to Retro Development, 3461 St Rt 602, Bucyrus, $50,000

Patrick A & Sheila Kinley to Daniel W Naufzinger, 241 West Mansfield St., Bucyrus, $3,000

Kevin R Faeth, unmarried to Amy Faeth-Shipley & Shane Shipley, 638 Cherry St., Galion, $25,000

Kevin R Faeth, unmarried to Richard F Faeth, Successor Trustee, 202 Eighth Ave., Galion, $21,745

Richard F Faeth to Kyle R Solomon, 202 Eighth Ave., Galion, $36,905

Warren G Uxley Estate to Mary Elizabeth Fendrick, 980 Tiehack Ct., Galion, $160,000

John F Grauer, deceased to Gary L & Pamela S Grauer, 858 E Walnut St., Galion, $17,000

Elizabeth A Matthews, unmarried and Arlene A Chandler, unmarried to Arlene A Chandler, unmarried, 309 Jump St., Bucyrus, $52, 500

Danny Lee & Tara Melissa Reynolds to Spencer A Reynolds, 3720 Brannon Rd., Crestline, $160,000

Jonathan W and Suzanne E Wilson to John E Thew, 428 S Boston St., Galion, $13,000

Steven J & Ruth A Ranney to Shawn L Green & Melissa M King, 1475 Fairview Ave., Bucyrus, $146,500

Terry W & Barbara A Chartier to Leland E & Teresa A Comstock, 312 W Thrush Ave., Crestline, $137,000

Derrick L & Diana M Ball to John S & Sandra E Rostash, 440 Oldfield Rd., Crestline, $140,000

Daniel B & Brenda Curtiss to Erick & Jacelaine Jones, 2599 St Rt 598, Crestline, $122,000

Roger A & Rebecca G Hicks to Ronald M Olds III, 322 N Market St., Galion, $95,500

Joseph R Enderle to Karen S Rarick, 202 W Summit St., Galion, $69,500

MOW Enterprises Ltd to Thomas W & Sally A Hoak, 6122 SR 598, Shelby, $89,500

Tom & Nanette J Kibler to Jonathon E & Cari A Appleby, 5008 St Rt 602, Bucyrus, $120,000

Michael J Williams to Tyler J Shade, 447 East Main St., New Washington, $111,000

Harold E & Jodie A Williams to Alan J Gray, 1263 Harding Way East, Galion, $63,000

Adrianna M Hammond to Douglas J Bear, 826 South St., Galion, $19,000

John A Lowe to Harry I Weir, 377 First Ave., Galion, $12,000

Dusty Milligan to Christofer & Brittany Craft, 523 Grove Ave., Galion, $50,000

Donald F & Virginia B Barr to John P Parsons, 376 & 376 ½ Emmet St., Crestline, $63,000

Angela M Hancock to JJ Investors LLC, 2315 Frieda Dr., Bucyrus, $64,800

Karen A Houston nka Karen A Gibbons & Anthony T Gibbons to Kiel J Getter, 411 Beechwood Dr., Galion, $71,500

Paul F & Margareta R Barth to Jody R Leuthold, 846 South Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $93,500

Carol A Carmona to Raquel M Ressallat, 790 Newberry Dr., Galion, $180,000

Kevin D Miracle to Eugene Sanchez, Jr. 350 Bennett Dr., Galion, $89,900

Gretchen L Schmuck to Chris A Armstrong, 330 West Center St., Bucyrus, $70,000

Merideth S Hickman to Rodney & Dawn Thoman, 506 North Pearl St, Crestline, $46,960

James E & Elizabeth Parks to Sydney L. Meek, 470 Fifth Ave., Galion, $12,000