Crawford County May property transfers

These property transfers were recorded in Crawford County during May 2018:

Eleanor M. Cross to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. 141 Penn Ave., Bucyrus, $31,334*

Brian Lloyd Roszman to William M. Tubbs and Eli Cy Reffey, 120 Williams St., Bucyrus, $18,000

Shannon Hefner to Joshua Ficken, 410 N. Pearl St., Crestline, $2,000

Melnda G. Tubbs to Kayli L. McCullough, 619 Ridge Ave., Bucyrus, $79,900

Brian D. & Barbara J. Glowaski to Edward M. & Ryan M. Marvich, 0 Rex Rd., (20 Acres), Bucyrus, $87,500

Jennifer M. Perdue to Shanelle McClintock, 418 West Oakwood Ave., Bucyrus, $82,000

Pamela Holtshouse, Administrator of the Lillian M. Krichbaum Estate to Robert L. Laipply and Sandra L. Laipply, 1107 Rikki Lee Lane, Bucyrus, $113,000

Millsboro Investments, LLC to Jennifer Leigh Saldivar, 145 Pearce St., Galion, $20,000

Thomas P. Dapper and Linda Dapper to Robert W. Finney and Monica L. Finney, 76.14 Acres, Vernon Twp. OH Nazor & German Rd., $83,500

Ayanda J. Hickman, fka Ayanda J. Dameron to Joshua S. Semrock and Charlene R. Semrock, 633 North Market St., Galion, $83,000

Adam D. Kiss to Christal A. Dubois, 325 Eighth Ave., Galion, $44,000

Michelle D. McCarthy to Leisha S. Lewis, 140 Jefferson St., Galion, $68,000

Donald G. Miller to John H. Buckwalter and Ann S. Buckwalter, 719 Sunset Dr., Bucyrus, $77,000

First Federal Community Bank to Carl E. Massey and Marilyn L. Massey, 200 Whetstone St., Bucyrus, $20,500

Kenneth Enderle and Rosemary Enderle to Dawn Rene Hill, 805 Charles St., Galion, $22,000

Mark H. Harris, Trustee to Jennifer S. Burton and Rickey H Burton, 326 & 326 ½ W. Charles St., Bucyrus, $39,000

Stephanie A. Sterritt to Timothy J. & Tiffany Carnes, 427 E. Southern Ave., Bucyrus, $83,000

Jack E. and Joyce Picou, Trustees to Romekela, LLC., 120 N. Wiley St., Crestline and 500 & 500 ½ E. Charles St., Bucyrus, $80,000

Cathy A. Rowlinson to Gary E. Rowlinson and Megan N. Rowlinson, 4182 Lower Leesville Rd., Bucyrus, $85,000

Troy A. Bright and Cynthia L. Bright, husband and wife to Darin J. Bright and Amanda S. Bright, 705 Chiswick Pl., Galion, $130,000

Troy L. Mack to Denise M. Brewer, 677 Park Ave., Galion, $46,000

Monica A. Sack to Danielle K. Holt, 719 Ridge Ave., Bucyrus, $135,000

KSMH, LLC. to Stephanie A. Mills, 3171 Crawford Wyandot Line Rd., Nevada, $75.500

Michael D. Robinett to Shawn Harper, 566 S. Poplar St., Bucyrus, $10,000

Michael & Melodie L. Fagan to Joshua W. & Miranda L. Garrett, 3980 Lower Leesville Rd., Bucyrus, $89,900

Ayesha Jo Manley nka Ayesha Fraizer to Austin J. & Jacqueline L. Holmer, 487 McDonald Ave., Bucyrus, $68,500

Kenneth Carl Aidt, Darlene & Judith Ann Caudill to Michelle L. Turner, 345 Water St., Oceola, $35,000

Ronald Strohm, a married man to Hanes Brothers, LLC., 7382 St. Rt. 4, Bloomville, $360,000

Brittany D. Kocher, nka Yancey to Jamie L. & Julie R. Bruce, 535 W. Charles St., Bucyrus, $79,000

Jason Merritt, Pastor of the Bucyrus Church of God to Walter R. Willis, 1330 Woodlawn Ave., Bucyrus, $16,000

Kenneth G. Chamberlin and Mellisa M. Chamberlin to Charles J. Rogers, 1190 Poe Rd., Bucyrus, $142,000

Bank of America, NA to Terrance Turner, 220 N. Washington St., Galion, $15,000

Donna S. Volkner n.k.a. Donna Sue Kiser to Mark Weidemyre, 110 N. Pierce St., Crestline, $27,133.70

Bill N. Vance, Jr. and Shelley J. Reyes to Todd A. Crall and Mackenzie L. Crall, 826 S. Kibler St., New Washington, $72,000

Carol L. Dean to Deborah Teneyck, 1019 E. Harding Way, Galion, $26,000

June E. Noblitt to Cole W. Stamper, 944 Reid St., Bucyrus, $49,000

James Alton Groves to Amber M. Kissling, 3993 Hensing Rd., Bucyrus, $60,000

Hua Shan Ye & Yue Xiam Lin to Jimmy R. & Bonita J. Peterman, 239 Whetstone St., Bucyrus, $54,900

Jane Michellini, Judson C. Imhoff & Jeffrey C. Imhoff to Lloyd E. Cook and Norma Jean Cook, 125 Switzer Rd., Galion, $46,700

Jane Michellni, Judson C. Imhoff & Jeffrey C. Imhoff to Lloyd E. Cook and Norma Jean Cook, 125 Switzer Rd., Galion, $46,600

Jane Michellni, Judson C. Imhoff & Jeffrey C. Imhoff to Lloyd E. Cook and Norma Jean Cook, 125 Switzer Rd., Galion, $46,700

Bruce T. Heinlen and Barbara L. Heinlen, Trustees to David G. Borden, 4373 Shady Lane Dr., Bucyrus, $61,000

Bruce L. Cover to David G. Borden, 4373 Shady Lane Dr., Bucyrus, $61,000

Renewed Properties, LLC to Joshua M. Preston and Hollie D. Preston, 638 N. Columbus St., Galion, $93,000

Jerry L. West and Barbara J. West to Krista Sue Gardner, 1423 Oakridge Dr., Bucyrus, $169,900

Chad A. Browning and Haley L. Browning to Katie M. Benedict, 216 Euclid Ave., Bucyrus, $80,000

Garrett L. Miller to Linda A. Neumann, 338 N. Wiley St., Crestline, $50,000

Legendz Enterprises, LLC to Alternative Investing, LLC, 320 S. Spring St., Bucyrus, $7,000

Kelley L. Campbell to Kevin L. Postell, 1076 St. Rt. 4, S., Bucyrus, $19,200

Clyde H Clevenger and Robin L. Clevenger to David A. Elliott and Patricia M. Elliott, 1869 St. Rt. 61, Crestline, $123,000

Pamela Courter, Trustee to Douglas E. Yingling III, 426 Beechwood Dr., Galion, $89,900

Danny Akers and Elizabeth M. Akers to Nathan L. Click and Rebecca M. Click, 324 S. Union St., Galion, $67,000

Jeanne Jacobs to Joyce Ann Discioscia, 705 Sunset Dr., Bucyrus, $90,000

David Wm. Keller, as Trustee to Darrien M. Hedges, 411 N. Columbus St., Galion, $55,000

Brian K & Wendy S Ash to George V & Sara S Lore, 4279 Hensing Rd., Bucyrus, $165,000

Leslie J Thompson to Kurt T & Ashley M Weaver, 7231 SR 4, Bloomville, $117,000

Donald R Moss to Aleeshia N Rhoad, 124 N Washington St., Crestline, $42,500

Debora C Mehaffey nka Debora C Knox to Charles R & Pamela S Shannon, 557 East North St. , Crestline, $8,000

Richard S Kunzer to Dustin A Tackett, 829 Plymouth St., Bucyrus, $170,00

Tabitha L Smith to John R & Wendy J Bird, 1414 Harding Way East, Galion, $140,000

Vicki M Hartschuh, Executrix of the Gene E Bordner Estate to Dawn S Orewiler, 2271 St Rt 10, Bucyrus, $125,000

Amy L Newman, fka Amy L Dyer to Cody L Caldwell, 550 Howard Ave., Bucyrus, $90,000

Penny J Fulcher aka Penny Jo Simpson to Joseph A & Susan J Curatti, 7285 St Rt 96, Crestline, $150,550

Carol A Ferreira to Lucas E Ritchey, 988 Biddle Rd., Galion, $140,000

Nathan D & Kisti D Vivari to Danielle R Owens, 528 Grove Ave., Galion, $79,000

Bryan F Damron to Carlie Simon, 350 Pine St., Galion, $52,000

Paige Agler to Timothy M Ort, 927 Woodlawn Ave, Bucyrus, $44,000

Gregory A & Lisa M Pauley to Ruthann Schreiner, 367 Benton Rd., Sycamore, $95,000

David W & Glenda F Hamlin to Gary N & Alice A Ekleberry, 1605 W Southern Ave., Bucyrus, $215,000

Garrett J Leonberger to Michael B McMillian, 233 S Market St., Galion, $45,000

Joan S Truka, trustee to Bruce Truka & Neil Truka, 1100 Linden Ave., Bucyrus, $39,000

Steven I Roberts, by PSO to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., 425 Lincoln Highway, Oceola, $69,734

Terry W Surgener & Michele Lynn Bouton Surgener to Jennifer Large, 539 N Lane St., Bucyrus, $77,000

Earnest L Surgener to Terry W Surgener & Michele Lynn Bouton Surgener, 539 N Lane St., Bucyrus, $57,000

Nathan D & Lori Cox to Nathaniel M Brown & Nicole E Britton, 740 Lincoln Highway, Bucyrus, $156,500

Jeremiah M & Carrie M Lydy to Aaron J Collene, 4560 Jackson St., Bucyrus, $70,000

Carrington Mortage Service to Roger L Rusk, 1119 Monnett St., Bucyrus, $13,000

Tyler J Stuckert & Cassandra E Stuckert to Kevin A & Amy L Willis, 2071 St Rt 4, Bucyrus, $150,000

Rick Kigar to Comucopia Properties, 444 Grand St., Galion, $26,100

Anthony Barthalow to Daniel Alspach, 111 S Main St., Tiro, $10,808

Jennifer M & Dallas R Holbrook to Chase M Piatt & Kennedy J Crawford, 950 Laura Ave., Bucyrus, $144,000

Terryellen Hanson to PennyMac Loan Services, LLC, 130 West Mansfield St., New Washington, $41,334

Wesley E Poffenbaugh Estate to Cody D Wilhite, 691 Cloverdale Ave., Crestline, $11,000

US Bank National Association to CR 2018, LLC, 4495 Detroit Blvd., Galion, $13,700

Timothy M Lutz & Rick Gulley to Carla Douglas, 443 East Charles St., Bucyrus, $35,000

Traci Richardson nka Traci Shuster to Crystal Bollinger, 612 East Southern Ave., $55,000

E Wayne & Elna J Rasnake to Leonhardt Farms, Inc. 6101 Lower Leesville Rd., Crestline, $20,000

Scott M Kent, CC Sheriff to Peoples Savings & Loan Company, 3680 Poole Rd., Bucyrus, $16,000

Joseph M Auck, et al to JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association, 7980 Scott Rd 50, Plymouth, $41,3344

*Sheriff Sale or Foreclosure