Crawford County property transfers for April

These property transfers were recorded in Crawford County during April 2018:

Galion Building and Loan Bank to Joey A & Courtney M Lykins, 615 Union St., Crestline, $52,500

Paul A Mies to Lawrence R Pierce, 704 W Church St., Galion, $134,900

Valeri Rush, Successor Trustee to Robert J Granger, 163 Westgate Rd., Galion, $40,000

VB Stevenson, LLC To Robert J Granger, 163 Westgate Rd., Galion, $40,000

Pryco Incorporated to William & Shelley Gall, Helen Ave, $6,000

Dennis E & Terri R Courtad to Michael A & Autumn R Wilson, 4141 Locust Grove Rd. 33.816 acres, Bucyrus, $658,712

Pingora Loan Servicing, LLC to Jerald L Cress, 1120 Westmoor Dr., Galion, $78,000

Margie I Hoover to Mitchell W & Bich T Hines, 154 Kincora Dr., Bucyrus, $139,900

Crawford County Council on Aging, Inc to Board of Commissioners, Crawford County, Ohio

2538 East Mansfield St., Bucyrus, $100,000

C.T.E. Ashland, Inc., an Ohio corporation to National Retail Properties, LP, a Delaware limited partnership, 343 S Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $2,314,352

Carroll Byrum to Heather R Brown, 629 North Lane St., Bucyrus, $40,000

Stephen W & Nancy A Delaney to Corey E Turner & Angela P Miller, 1862 N Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus,


Gloria Pickens to Chado Horton, 701 E Main St., Crestline, $51,970

Kendra E Vernon to Dawn & Roger Shade, 758 Timberlane Dr., Galion, $50,000

Jodi L Cook to Kyle Jay Dennison & Payton Bree Feeney, 724 Poe Rd., Bucyrus, $168,000

Crissandra Lee aka Crissandra Fritz to Miranda L Sack, 1538 St Rt 294, Marion, $50,000

Brent & Rachel Green to Helen M & Charles R Larkins, Jr., 1260 Marion Melmore Rd., Bucyrus, $85,000

Janet Kitzmiller aka Janet Kiess to Christopher L Bloomfield, 1008 South East St., Bucyrus, $45,000

Alex M Sorgenfrel to Ruthie Burkey, 373 First Ave., Galion, $10,000

United Bank, Division of The Park National Bank to Deborah Williams, 1660 Wyandot Rd., Bucyrus, $165,000

Lucinda I Christman to Edmund P & Katie J Hagoplan, 730/730 ½ Harding Way East, 603 Harding Way East, 128/128 ½ W Parson St., 355 E Parson St., Galion, $90,000

Castlerock 2017, LLC to Brandi McVeigh, 114 Franklin St., Bucyrus, $8,100

Ruth M Flannery to Robert L & Mary Holly C Mogle, 139 N Jefferson St., Galion, $20,000

Travis R & Kari M Clark to Charli A & Shawn J Sutton, 123 Carmel Ave., Galion, $42,500

Maria M Winemiller to Aaron Dornbirer & Katelyn Lanker, 1855 Temple Rd., Bucyrus, $172,000

Jordan Howard to Charles A & Michelle R Brothers, 1260 Sherwood Dr., Bucyrus, $97,500

Ida L Dagher to Roy C & Denice K Young, 90 Red Park Ct, Bucyrus, $142,500

Robert W & Ruby J Patterson to Jordan L Bailey, 1523 S Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $155,000

Mark D Tate, Trustee & Jamie C Tate, Trustee to Joshua D Clark, 401 S Union St., Galion, $53,000

Jerry B VanDerKooi, Successor Trustee to Samuel D VanDerKooi, 245 Mansfield St., Galion, $57,000

Sandra L Garrett & Michael P Reber to Larry D Merwine, 428 N Pearl St, Crestline, $12,000

Brookstone REO 1, LLC to Kingdom First Properties, LLC, 619 Prospect St., Bucyrus, $10,500

Helen M Larkins to Darrin E & Sarah R Hammock, 737 Lincoln Highway West, Nevada, $144,200

Michael S & Kimberly Faulkner to US Bank National Association, as Trustee, 209 South Spring St., Bucyrus, $46,000

Sara A Rowlinson fka Sara A Cleland to Trever B & Kendra M Boyle, 4977 Monnett New Winchester Rd., Galion, $127,500

Bucyrus Mobile Home Village LLC to B&T Bucyrus LLC, 415 Waterford Glen, Bucyrus, $550,000

HVC Management Corp., aka HVC Management, Inc. to Dunn & Bowling, LTD., an Ohio limited liability company, 901 Portland Way North, Galion, $1,200,000.00

Wells Fargo Bank, NA to John E. Pfeifer and Evelyn C. Pfeifer, 574 Portland Way North, Galion, $25,000*

Daniel T. Finnan and Erica R. Bushey nka Ericka R. Finnan to Kirstin Alexis Felder, 414 N. Union St., Galion, $79,000

Donald G. Fannin, Jr. and Rita M. Fannin to Scott Alan Schenz, 2486 Western Ave., North Robinson, $90,000

Russell Steven Bilowich to Ellary A. Dobbins, 905 Grove Ave., Bucyrus, $125,000

Darline K. Smarto, Trustee to Phillip Sherer and Faye Sherer, Co-Trustees, 7291 Krichbaum Rd., Crestline,


Margaret Hoyles & Lois Heid, Co-Executors Estate Arleta M. Phenicle, to Robert W. Patterson and Ruby J. Patterson, 3834 Cheryl St., Bucyrus, $115,000

Beau D. Lambert to Kayla Oberdier, 987 Wyandot Rd., Bucyrus, $165,000

Kevin R. Faeth and Richard F. Faeth, Trustee to Brian D. Croteau and Helene A. Croteau, 315 & 315 ½ West Church St., Galion, $49,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Rachel Striker, 923 East Warren St., Bucyrus, $18,500

Julie A. Heimlich to Cecil Burton and Tina Burton, 322 East Irving St., Bucyrus, $49,500

Karen S. Miller, successor trustee to Jeremy Utz, 7690 Kennedy Rd., Bloomville, $860,000

Kristen Lammie to Jerry L. Cooperider, Jr. and Tamara Cooperider, 355 Clink Blvd., Crestline, $56,500

Edwin P. Benjamin to Lynette Chuff, 409 Harding Way West, Galion, $42,000

Patsy J. Rice, Trustee to Kevin A. Johnson and Vickie S. Johnson, 111 Orchard Ct., Galion, $148,000

Young Men’s Christian Assoc. of Bucyrus, Ohio to Young Men’s Christian Assoc. of Bucyrus-Tiffin, Inc., 1655 E. Southern Ave., Bucyrus, $63,843.75

Christen N. Hutchison to Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC, 1810 State Route 61, Crestline, $63,334*

Kelly S. Robbins to Richard White, 2219 Lake Galion Rd., West, Galion, $5,000

Elizabeth A. Krichbaum and Kenneth J. Krichbaum to James K. Ross, 7839 State Route 309, Galion, $129,000

U. S. Bank N.A. as Trustee for the registered holders of the Structured Asset Securities Corp., to Larry D. Merwine, 265 North Union St., Galion, $20,000

Galion Building and Loan Bank to Neal D. Rinehart and Jeanie D. Rinehart, 129 Gill Ave., Galion, $46,900

Hershel T. Horn and Barbara E. Horn, Trustees of The Barbara E. Horn + to Michael David Vrabel and Ashely Renee Vrabel, 702 Union St., Crestline, $65,000

Glenna Sue Auck to Pamela K. Laughbaum and Franklin W. Myers, Jr., 2096 State Route 98, Bucyrus, $110,000

Joseph Stowe to Pentecostal Church of God, Ohio District, 122 W. Irving St., Bucyrus, $14,000

Raymond B. Morrow to Michelle L. Ferguson, 574 & 576 South Walnut St., Bucyrus, $56,000

Lutz Custom Home LLC to Jerry Wright and Jo Ann Wright, 1412 Fairmeadow Dr., Bucyrus, $189,000

Robert W. Jenney and Sharon M. Miller, Co-Exec. to Shyann M. Sexton and Anthony W. McKinney, 700 Earl St., Bucyrus, $62,000

Trinity Rental Properties, LLC. to John E. Pfeifer and Evelyn C. Pfeifer, 136 S. Pierce St., Galion, $19,000

Robert L. Kurtzman and Anne L. Kurtzman to John Haines and Darlene Haines, 707 S. Thoman St., Crestline, $90,000

KeyBank National Association to Tori N. Schimpf and Zackary C. Lyons, 7891 State Route 309, Galion, $44,000

Sharon Perdue to Pentecostal Church of God, Ohio District, 129 W. Irving St., Bucyrus, $6,500

Charles E. Miller and Amy E. Miller to Steven M. Goldsmith, 920 Holmes Pl., Galion, $148,00

Roger E. Hetzel and Jessica Hetzel to David A. Rowland, 397 Tidd Dr., Galion, $148,000

Noah C. Stauffer to James D. Topper, II and Sarah M. Bennett, 582 S. Walnut St., Bucyrus, $93,500

S. S. U. Inc. a Corporation to Faith Community Church of Crestline, 327 E. Main St., Crestline, $85,000

Doris M. Weaver to Donna Wilson-Armstrong, 564 S. Walnut St., Bucyrus, $14,000*

Willis Dean Damron and Mary Jane Damron, to G/K Wyandot Ltd., 34.9048 acres Wyandot Rd., Bucyrus, $183,250.20

Mid America Mortgage, Inc. to Teresa Lucree, 323 North Columbus St., Galion, $43,000*

Barry L. Herschler and Cassandra D. Herschler to Jordan M. Teynor, 507 & 507 ½ West Rensselaer St., Bucyrus, $60,000

John W. Henry aka John William Henry to Lindsey L. Stiffler, 652 Willowcrest Lane, Galion, $56,900

Roseanne Shaw to Earl J. Cater, 775 Dawsett, Galion, $71,900

Crawford County Sheriff Scott M. Kent to Peoples Savings and Loan Co., 318 W. Warren St., Bucyrus, $46,667*

*Sheriff Sale or Foreclosure