History will come alive Friday at Galion Intermediate School

GALION — History will come to life Friday during the annual third-grade Wax Museum at the Galion Intermediate School Friday, May 4. The program features 150 third graders portraying a famous person of their choosing and components of The Leader in Me program.

Students have been working on their projects for the past four to six weeks. Third-grade teachers encouraged students to involve parents and family in selecting a famous, deceased person who has made a significantly positive contribution to society.

“Projects are more meaningful and enriching when a chosen subject is of interest to the family,” third grade teacher Kim Chandler said. “Students get excited about the Wax Museum because siblings, and even parents, have participated in the project as third graders.”

For more than 20 years, the Wax Museum has provided students with opportunities to apply knowledge and skills learned throughout third grade. Members of the Intermediate School Student Lighthouse Team will serve as tour guides for the classes that visit the wax museum.

“The Student Lighthouse Team’s past wax museum experience and leadership training will make the visit more enjoyable for teachers and students,” said Chandler. “The small addition of the students identifying one of the seven habits from The Leader in Me program and adding that information to their reports makes their famous person choice more meaningful and brings to life the importance of learning and living the seven habits.”

This year’s Wax Museum of Famous People will be on display from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. at the Galion Intermediate School. Please contact Kim Chandler at chandler.kim@galionschools.org with questions or for more information.



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