March property transfers in Crawford County

These property transfers were recorded in Crawford County in March 2018:

JP Morgan Chase to Ronnie C Lykens, 801 High St., Bucyrus, $25,000

MWE Monaco Manufacturing LLC to Heartwood Realty LLC, 146 Rensch Ave., Galion, $255,000

Kevin L & Martha J Phelps to Paige M Oehrli, 201 E Thrush Ave., Crestline, $46,000

Paul E Klink Estate to Danny S & DeAnna Tomecko, 38.27 acres, Connely Rd., New Washington, $277,400

Paul E Klink Estate to Kenneth E & Doris E Studer, 4099 Orr Rd., 80 acres, New Washington, $584,000

Harry A & Cynthia R Taylor to Jay W & Tammera A Keller, 1140 Westmoor Dr., Galion, $120,000

Donald Dale Mitchell to Shelly M Pfleiderer, 415 Laughbaum Dr., Galion, $107,000

Jeremy W & Dawn R McAdams to Nathan T McAdams, 804 High St., Bucyrus, $70,000

Douglas A & Leslie A Hill to Howard & Mackenzie Cole, 624 Virginia Ave., Bucyrus, $73,400

Thomas S & Vickie L Schiefer to Jeremy W & Dawn R McAdams, 1139 W Southern Ave., Bucyrus, $128,500

Judy Ann Rhode, Mary Lou Hastings, Successor Trustees to Samuel L Caldwell & Victoria L Carmean,

St Rt 4, Bucyrus, $50,000

Christina L Lutz, trustee to Kim E & Janette W Kiess, 12101 Hillcrest Dr., Bucyrus, $225,000

Crawford County Sheriff Scott M Kent to First Federal Community Bank, 200 Whetstone St., Bucyrus, $43,333

Shirley I Musselwhite Estate to Shelley K Thompson, 438 Lincoln Highway, Oceola, $7,000

Ronald L & Dale R Horton to Matthew Tiek, 660 Brookside Ave, Galion, $77,000

William & Shelly A Cramer to NTL Investments, LLC, 1050 S Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $55,000

Danielle L Patton, unmarried to Tonya R & Thomas E Fisher, 6750 Brandt Rd., Galion, $110,000

JP Morgan Chase Bank National to Ronald Markley, 419 E Dalewood Ave. Bucyrus, $32,000

Mike & Irene Clark to MC Productions, 230 Church St., Galion, $15,000

Robert G Pace, trustee to Lutz Custom Homes, LLC , Bare lot, West Southern Ave., Bucyrus, $14,500

Steven M Goldsmith to Andrew J & Kayla M Wetzel, 664 Teakwood Ct., Galion, $97,500

Thomas H Miller to James A & Mary L Hartschuh, 4775 St Rt 103, New Washington, $186,500

Gerald E & Nanette M Fulton to Danielle L Patton, 2028 Temple Rd., Bucyrus, $60,000

Castlerock 2017 LLC to Larry D Merwine, 713 Brown St., Crestline, $14,650

Edward Yackenovich to Seth N Keller, 812 E Irving, Bucyrus, $51,000

Larry W Hadamuscin to August A Marlow, 868 E Walnut St., Galion, $69,000

Matthew B Johnson to Nathan R Zeger, 480 Virgil St., Galion, $4,000

Jane Green to Daniel L & Carol J Cooper, 1407 St Rt 294, Marion, $42,000

Rose Acceptance, Inc to Self Directed IRA Capital Co, 210 S Pierce St., Galion, $13,400

Gary A Legg, Successor Trustee to Christopher A & Tabitha R Bryant, 923 N Clink Blvd., Crestline, $97,000

Charles Edward Hall, Administrator of Estate to Maria A & Kenneth M Reber, 3788 Marion Melmore Rd., Bucyrus, $238,500

Water Street Properties, Inc to Nathan D Brady, 424 North Washington Ave., Crestline, $8,000

Scott Strausbaugh & Terri Niedermier, Co-trustees to Walnut Grain Farms, LLC, Schwernley Rd., New Washington, $358,147

Norma Strohminger to Anthony Demaiolo, 633 Cloverdale Ave., Crestline, $59,000

TPI Acquistion Subsidary, Inc to Ohio Polytech, LLC , 201 East Beal Ave., Bucyrus, $500,000

Linda Lenavitt to Zachary A King, 1407 Cullen Ct., Bucyrus, $35,000

The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, National Association to Josh Banks, 109 Whetstone, Bucyrus, $11,321

Harter Builders Ltd. to Charles R. Smith and Kimberly A. Smith, Acreage Kerstetter Rd.,/Barbara Ann Lane, Bucyrus, $156,860

James E. Parker and Ruth I. Parker to Mark J. Walter, 811 Poe Rd., Bucyrus, $275,000

Leona J. Grubaugh, et al. to MidFirst Bank, 323 South Boston St., Galion, $33,620*

Travis A. Stuckert and Jessica Stuckert to Jessica E. Rowland, 500 West Charles St., Bucyrus, $51,000

Kathy Jo Fuller to Paul S. Giacalone & Kelly L. Giacalone, 711 & 711 ½ South East St., Bucyrus, $69,000

Robert W. Patterson and Ruby J. Patterson to Duane Dible, 3253 Parcher Rd., Bucyrus, $29,500

Penny Jo Taylor aka Penny J. Taylor to Richard P. Shackelford and Anita Shackelford, 1353 Knauss Rd., Bucyrus, $160,000

JW Congregation Support Inc. to Dennis L. Koehler and Paul H. Altstadt Jr., 3158 Carrell Rd., Bucyrus, $80,000

Jerry Burchett and Beverly Burchett to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Trustee, 232 South St., Galion, $12,000*

Lyle Ellis Angene et al to Scott A. Bosworth and Beth Ann Bosworth, 139.766 Acres, Tiffin Rd., Bucyrus, $525,000

Larry V. Slagle, Noreen L. Dreyer Green to Winkey, Inc., 897 Wyandot Rd., Bucyrus, $52,500

Bradley F. Bauer and Debra S. Bauer to Sutter Brothers, an Ohio General Partnership, 5.00 acres Remlinger Rd., Crestline, $45,000

American Premier Underwriting, Inc., to Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC, E. Beal Ave., Bucyrus, $2,600

Harry I. Weir to Franklin & Jenifer Ousley, 381 First Ave., Galion, $15,000

Richard J. Strickland to Shanna Nash, 331 W. Galen St., Bucyrus, $3,500

James K. Inscore and Roberta J. Inscore to Teresa L. Howard, 476 Fifth Ave., Galion, $5,820

Stephen C. Kurtzman to KJ Enterprises of Ohio, LLC, 922 W. Thrush Ave., Crestline, $80,000

Charla Wurm-Adams to William Tubbs, 508 Kaler Ave., Bucyrus, $47,090

Jay W. Keller and Tammera A. Keller to Christopher M. Groves and Jennifer K. Groves, 2160 Bucyrus Nevada Rd., Bucyrus, $163,500

Shane M. Leuthold to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., as Trustee, on behalf of the c/o Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc., 923 East Warren St., Bucyrus, $17,334*

Tishie Y. Creasy, et al to JP Morgan Chase Bank, National Association, 951 Monnett St, Bucyrus, $21,334*

Rebecca J. Hodges to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Trustee for GSAMP Trust, 1105 Nevada Rd., Bucyrus, $34,667*

Barbara H. Kump , Estate to Jerrold A. Martin & Jo Ann Martin, 1400 Fairview Ave., Galion, $87,500

Eric A. Dickerson & Katrina M. Dickerson to Ben A. Wallace and Rachelle L. Wallace, 1789 State Route 598, Galion, $133,000

Jason B. Orewiler to Billy McGhee, 267 Brokensword Rd., Sycamore, $52,000

DST Investments LLC, an Ohio limited liability company to Kaleb A. Meadows, 1145 Cornel Ave., Galion, $38,000

Jon D. Moyer and Tanya S. Moyer to Central Ohio Emergency Transport, LLC, 8197 S. R. 309, Galion, $123,000

Albert L. Burton, Jr. to James Shannon and Heather Marie Gregory, 627 South Thoman St., Crestline, $12,500

Lynn M. See, unmarried to Fredia Wallar, 1155 Cornell Ave., Galion, $38,500

Helen M. Paynter, et al., to Larry D. Horning and Laura J. Horning, 1213 Park Rd., Crestline, $74,000*

Nancy J. Lipscomb to Steven R. and Melissa Hinkle, 124 Gaius St., Bucyrus, $62,500

Richard Kalb to Haley Marie Atwood, 1467 Linwood Ave., Bucyrus, $129,900

Charles S. and Susan M. Pfeifer to Kent A. and Laura M. Stuckey, Trustees, 3904 SR 19, 2325 Shafer Rd., 2254 Shafer, 2431 Shafer, Bucyrus, $1,092,000.00

*Sheriff Sale or Foreclosure