Russ Kent: Is the temper tantrum over?

The “Crying Game” was a pretty good 1992 movie starring Forest Whitaker.

If they make a movie about the 2016 presidential election and the run up to Saturday’s inauguration — and they will, because there has been too much over-the-top drama to ignore — can they use the same title?

Because there’s no other way to explain what has been going on in this country the past two months.

Half of this nation has been throwing a collective temper tantrum for two months.

The other half has been doing its best to stir up the anti-Trump faction.

This morning we have a new president.

But the crying and whining and blaming and threatening and attempts at invalidation go on.

It’s a shame. But more than that, it’s embarrassing.

Republican voters were no less angry when Barack Obama was voted into office.

The big difference was that Obama’s election was anything but a surprise. It had been predicted for months. The GOP sacrificial lamb was John McCain. He never had a chance as the Obama bandwagon picked up steam early and never slowed down.

Another big differences is that the losers in that election didn’t spend two months trying to overturn the decision with threats and temper tantrums and hissy-fits. They didn’t look under every rock in the world seeking someone to blame for McCain’s defeat.

Don’t get me wrong, the GOP did not accept defeat graciously. And in no-way did they cooperate with Barack Obama once he got into the White House.They made his life miserable. Still, they couldn’t stop him from passing the major pieces of legislation he wanted.

And Republicans across the nation didn’t spend two months trying to invalidate the election.

They didn’t threaten to boycott … well, everything they can think of to boycott. They didn’t threaten to shut down Hollywood to cripple the economy. They didn’t threaten to disown, de-friend and spew hatred at anyone who dared support the president-elect, or God forbid, entertain at, or even attend his inauguration.

This election was different. The threatening started months before the voting began. The leaders of the Democratic party — Jon Stewart, Whoopie Goldberg, Miley Cyrus and Chelsea Handler — threatened to pack up and leave the country if Trump were elected.

And that pretty much set the tone for 2016. The past two months have been an embarrassment of historic proportions.

Nations that have grown to detest us in the last eight years must be laughing their rear ends off at the actions of the out-going party of power.

This national temper tantrum needs to end.

The faux leaders of the party — Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — have done everything they can to set the tone they want their followers to adhere, too.

Silently, they are encouraging anarchy!

And that’s shameful. Perhaps the most shameful of months worth of shameful shenanigans.

It’s time to grow up!

I was a pretty good kid growing up. Ask anyone who didn’t know me back in the day. I was the good one in my family. Except for occasionally telling a tall tale now and then — I still apparently have that habit — I was pretty easy to deal with when I was younger.

I didn’t bully others. I didn’t throw temper tantrums. I didn’t cry, moan and pout and make everyone else miserable when I didn’t get my way.

If a group of my peers wanted to do one thing, but I wanted to do something else, I typically went along with the majority. I was often the better for it.

Not once did I cry foul. Not once did I accuse everyone else of cheating to get their way. Not once did I tell the others that they were stupid, and too ignorant, to play with anymore. Not once did I boycott or disrupt, or try to shout down my peers when they were doing their thing.

To this day I have little respect for bullies. I have no patience for folks who think their way is the only way. I have zero tolerance for folks who don’t allow others to have their own opinions.

That’s why I’m disgusted and embarrassed by the actions of half of this nation the past two months.

I thought by the time we turned 18, most of us had outgrown our childish ways.

I could not have been more wrong. The 2016 election proved it.

This national temper tantrum sickens me.

For more two months I’ve listened to losers fuss and complain and moan and groan and cry and pout because Hillary Clinton failed to win the presidency.

I have listened to the national media blame — everyone but themselves — for missing so badly in their prediction about who was going to win the White House. Not only did the national media predict the wrong candidate to win, they promoted and rooted for and campaigned for the candidate who lost. And they are really bitter losers.

For more than nine weeks I have listened to elected officials and the media and celebrities act out because they couldn’t convince voters that they’re way of doing things was the right way — the only way that America should be run.

Scorned actors may be the most devilish of all. Half the nation ignored their pleas. And they hate it, because their sense of self-importance is even greater than that of reporters and politicians.

Scorned and embarrassed, Democrats, the news media, and liberals Hollywood are acting out. They place blame, they call others names, they boycott. They have done nothing since Nov. 8 but seed this nation with discontent and anger and hatred and vindictiveness.

They’ve not been thrown aside like this before. They’ve never been ignored nor discounted like this. And they are not handling it well. They’ve turned into ranting, raving lunatics.

When I was growing up, I’d have been put in timeout if I acted that way. But Hollywood surely doesn’t have a timeout box that big. And half of America will never fit into one corner until it behaves.

I’ve not seen video or read media reports of staffers at MSNBC and CNN laying on the ground kicking their feet and thrashing their arms as they wail about the injustice of it all.

But I picture it happening daily.

Spoiled children can be forgiven, for acting like children.

Spoiled, temper-tantrum-throwing adults should know better.

If half this nation is following the lead of these sore-losers, they too, should know better.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and their husbands and wives and surrogates should know better.

They’re leading by example, but by the wrong example.

Trump, with no political experience, somehow managed to strike just the right tone when he won election night. He promoted healing, he was sympathetic, he sought bi-partisan cooperation.

He has done all the things expected of a president-elect.

Certainly he tweets a little too much for my comfort, and I wish someone would remove him from that account. But Trump has never claimed to be perfect. He has never claimed to be someone he is not.

He’s a man with flaws. But he was elected anyway.

Something precipitated his winning. The leaders of the Democratic party should figure out how and why they were so wrong.

Trump is anything but a conventional politician. And that’s OK, I’ve been let down by more than my share of conventional politicians in recent years.

And he wants to do what is best for this nation. As has every elected president for more than 20o years.

Temper tantrums rarely are successful. When you see children on the floor kicking and screaming and flailing their arms, you’re usually embarrassed for the child …and their parents.

That’s how I feel about this childish outburst.

And it needs to stop.

Russ Kent



Russ Kent is editor of the Galion Inquirer. Email him at [email protected] with comments or story ideas.