Diversity a big goal for GHS grad Kelli Dyer

She is the

By Alexis Wade - 179th Airlift Wing

MANSFIELD — For Senior Master Sergeant Kelli Dyer, a Galion High School graduate and the newly appointed human resources advisor with the 179th Airlift Wing, diversity and inclusion are some of her top priorities.

Dyer expressed that as she steps into this new role, it’s important she recognizes how a diverse and inclusive group is critical for the success of any organization.

“Diversity is an opportunity for organizations to create a lethal force,” said Dyer. “The way in which diversity is achieved is through deliberate efforts and inclusive practices.”

Dyer said that for organizations to be intentionally diverse and inclusive, people first must remember that one size does not fit all.

In order for diversity and inclusivity to thrive, all Airmen must remain open to work on themselves and sharpen certain skill sets. We all need to strive for the ability to be a mentor, to exercise humility, be understanding and empathetic, be self-aware, and build relationships through effective communication and meaningful interactions with people across a full spectrum of diversity.

Dyer believes that as a result of these actions, people will gain respect and trust for each other along with loyalty and commitment to something bigger than themselves.

In focusing on diversity plus inclusion, it will enhance the lethality of our force and is the best use of human capital that directly impacts mission success, recruitment, retention, culture, and climate.

She is the

By Alexis Wade

179th Airlift Wing