April 2017 Crawford County real estate transactions

S. Longstreth LLC to Iron Vault Distillery, LLC, 134 & 134 ½ Harding Way West, Galion, $99,000

Weldon G Shealy & Violet R Shealy to NTL Investments, LLC, 516 & 519 Jones St., Bucyrus, $22,000

Jason A Lilly & Holly N Lilly to UTTK Investments, LLC, 442 Woodlawn Ave., Bucyrus, $43,000

Stephen W & Drystal F Hoover, NTL Properties, LLC, 807 S Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $78,000

Douglas W Miller Executor o the Estate of Roland F Miller to Diane M Schimpf, 6903 Sandusky Ave., Chatfield, $21,000.

Linda L Kinn to NTL Investments, LLC, 401 Kaler Ave., Bucyrus, $53,000

Tamera S Schifer to Tessa K Watson, 323 Osman St., Bucyrus, $78,000

First Federal Community Bank of Bucyrus to Carl Coons, 906 Wingert St., Bucyrus, $10,000

William & Janice LDechert to Brian Enlow, 410 N Pearl St., Crestline, $415,000

John M Sagle to Devyn L Wenninger & Christopher M Weiner, 652 Grove Ave., Galion, $65,000

James A Teerman & Vicki S Rickett to Patrick M Diana, 505 W Church St., Galion, $120,000

Gary & Linda Wyant to Shayla & Kevin Delong, 7854 Middletown Rd., Crestline, $112,000

Louise I Brutchey, unmarried to Arlen Enterprises, LLC, 126 First Ave., Galion, $32,000

Bonnie L Wright to Ben A & Rachelle L Wallace, 4507 Marion Ave., Galion,$1,200

Ronald L & Kimberly Bishop to Robert L & Janice A Bishop, 605 Grand St., Galion, $10,000

Donna J & Larry M Osche to Lance D Vanhoosier, 1331 Home Circle Dr., Bucyrus, $83,000

Wells Fargo Bank, NA successor by merger to Wachovia Bank of Delaware to Joshua M & Luchelle A Walters, 655 Hopley Ave., Bucyrus, $15,100

James W Conley, Jr to Jonathan D Erkfitz, 899 S Market St., Galion, $21,000

Tyler J Stuckert to John J & Rachael Hutchinson, 3869 Monnett Chapel Rd., Bucyrus, $126,000

Alicia A Wagenblast nka Alicia A Stuttler to Matthew S Wagenblast, 430 Clark St., Bucyrus, $86,000

Theresa L & Clifford J Murphy to Scott A & Christina P Eckert, 1505 Fairview Ave., Galion, $153,000

Charles J Rogers to Michael Kohlhorst, 1014 Wingert St., Bucyrus, $91,000

Dorothy M Brause to Bob & EllenLeonberger, 960 Woodside Rd., Sycamore, $21,410

Mary Jo Larick to Selene Finance LP, 1419 Cullen Ave., Bucyrus, $44,000

Brenda K Rahm, et al to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Trustee, 529 West Warren St., Bucyrus, $44,667

Joel M Byers to Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC, 4684 Stetzer Rd., Bucyrus, $85,050

Carl J Montgomery to Joseph D Tackett, 760 South St., Galion, $66,900

Kevin R Faeth to Ronald & Nancy Makeever, 522 Clarendon Ave., Galion, $89,900

Carrie A Archer to Jamie Lynn Needels, 608 SUnion St., Galion, $35,000

The Harry Cobey Foundation to Justin Ramsey, 329 & 331 Harding Way East, Galion, $11,350

Kenneth G Ellis, Lee Roy Moore & Melissa L Kaple to Carol Reynolds, 923 Allen St., Galion, $20,000

Sterling A & Michelle F Evans to ChristiS Ward & Tyler M Thornton, 806 South St., Galion, $48,500

Daniel & Crystal Edwards to Sandra Loving, 1045 Smith St., Galion, $52,000

Ronald R & Charlene J Vanness to James L Toth, 633 Harding Way West, Galion, $35,000

Richard E Walker Jr. to Alicia L Stokes, 237 Pershing Ave., Galion, $41,500

Elaine I Lewis to Phil G & Robin G Bash, 663 Teakwood Ct., Galion, 36,000

Ashley J Nickler to US Bank National Association, 4211 King Rd., Bucyrus, $47,880

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Shadd Evans, 344 Water St., Oceola, $9,500

Zachary Lonsway to Brian Catron, 3528 Nazor Rd., Crestline, $167,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to John Pfeifer, 148 Portland Way South, Galion, $50,459

Troy A Oldake to Harold E & Alicia A Stuttler, 1236 Biddle Rd., Galion, $90,000

Daniel J Campbell to Logan A Pfleiderer, 3048 St Rt 598 Crestline, $118,000

William O III & Melissa A Lavene to William O IV & Jessica Lavene, 902 South Wiley St., Crestline, $28,750

June M Stewart to John Olen & Deanna J Hayes, 905 Victoria Dr., Bucyrus, $109,900

Kendra & Brett Vernon to Jared & Jill Dailey, 7008 W Bucyrus., Crestline, $3,000

Joan Spence to Susan K. Poor, 340 Pine St., Galion, $34,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, etc. to Mary Barker, 7966 Crawford County Line Rd., Galion, $29,600

Rachel S. Evans and Patty L. Evans to Jon C. Clark and Marla T. Clark, 1577 Nazor Rd., Galion, $150,000

Lawrence D. Schmidt and Lisa K. Noe to K & M Bucyrus Holding, LLC, 242 & 242 ½ N. Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $52,000

John D. Schimpf & Wanda L. Sc himpf to R over Pipeline LLC, 7474 Ross Rd., Bloomville, $8,762

Jeannine M. Stucks to Rover Pipeline, LLC, 8607 E. County Rd., 58, Bloomville, $11,758

Joseph W. Smith & Joyce A. Smith to Rover Pipeline, LLC, 7267 Brillhart Rd., Bloomville, $3,840

Joseph W. Smith & Joyce A. Smith to Rover Pipeline LLC, 7267 Brillhart Rd., Bloomville, $12,469

John D. Schimpf & Wanda L. Schimpf to Rover Pipeline LLC, 7474 Ross Rd., Bloomville, $7,559

Philip G Studer to Rover Pipeline LLC, 6039 Connely Rd., New Washington, $19,221

Helen M. Rossman & W. Dexter Rossman to Rover Pipeline LLC, 1919 SR 602, Bucyrus, $34,250

Donald L. Phenicie & Jane Phenicie to Rover Pipeline LLC, 5661 Stevens Rd., New Washington, $11,396

E. Jane Phenicie Family Trust to Rover Pipeline LLC, 5661 Stevens Rd., New Washington, $26,849

Robert & Lillian Niese Farms to Rover Pipeline LLC, 3364 Hinesville Rd., Shelby, $19,150

Robert & Lillian Niese Farms to Rover Pipeline LLC, 3364 Hinesville Rd., Shelby, $30,568

Marlin L. Johns, Jr. to Pingora Loan Servicing , LLC, 825 North Washington Ave., Crestline, $48,000*

Lynn Kay Lutz to Nathan Dean Sawyer, Jr., 6933 Sandusky Ave., Chatfield, $42,000

William F. Fox & E. Richard & Carol Hottenroth to Lexview Properties, LLC, 101, 103, 109 , 111 E. Summit & 637,639 N. Col umbus St., Galion, $200,000

Daniel W. Nay II, and Linda L. Nay, husband and wife to Betty J. Shifley, 510 South Boston St., Galion, $59,500

Dorothy Mae Shaw, Dorothy M. Shaw, aka Dorothy Shaw to Charles V. Irwin, Jr., 434 Myers St., Bucyrus, $24,000

Tommy Gayheart to Ryan M. Niedermier, 8050 Waynesburg Rd., Shelby, $69,500

Michael A. Semon to Tina Smith, 200 Bauer Ave., Crestline, $19,900

Suzanne M. Longsworth, Exec. to Joshua D. Weiler, 516 S. Spring St., Bucyrus, $32,000

Garrett Lee Rowan to Anthony D. S taubs, 603 Grand St., Galion, $55,000

Kristy Marie Agin to The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, as Trustee, 1014 Maple St., Bucyrus, $21,000*

Leatha A. Malone to Michael D. Robinett, 2169 Winchester Rd., Bucyrus, $86,000

Sharon Sparks, trustee to Cooper’s Mill of Bucyrus, Ltd., 1404 N. Sandusky Ave., Bucyrus, $43,000

Darwin L. Gump to Brice A. Studer, 336 Charlotte St., Bucyrus, $58,850

Randy E. Lady and Terri A. Lady to Nancy J. L ipsomb, 615 Gay St., Bucyrus, $108,000

Mike Wintz to Crawford County Land Reutilization Corp., 391 W. Atwood St., Galion, $1,700

Anthony Barth alow to Jim Peterman, Vacant Lot, Jones St., Bucyrus, $2,000

Harold J. & Jean Ann Miller to Aaron N Schifer & Taylor N. Barnett, 7250 Ohio 96, Crestline, $182,000

Edward W. Burn, AKA Edward Burn, to U.S. Bank National Association, as Trustee, 312 Hensley Rd., Galion, $12,000*

James N. Creel and Jayme J. Creel to Shannon P. Tate and Riki N. Tate, 4741 State Route 4 North, Bucyrus, $140,000

Glenn A. Stewart to Helen L. Tolliver, 365 Emmet St., Crestline, $30,000

Galion Aerie Fraternal Order of Eagles Number 630, an Ohio* to Eric T. Young, 137 Harding Way East, Galion, $57,500

James R. Glauer and Norma Glauer to Joshua D. Noblet and Kelsea C. Noblet, 802 N. Henry St., Crestline, $89,500

Ernest L. Walls to Aaron Barker, 1643 Colonial Dr., Bucyrus, $28,900

Donald E. Kuenzli, Trustee of the Donald E. Kuenzli and Sandra L. Kuenzli Revocable Trust, dated April 28, 2011 to Gary L. Garver and Diana J. Garver, 924 Snowmass Dr., Galion, $190,000

Cathleen M. Johnson and Mark D. Johnson to Dustin A. Foust and Kristen M. Foust, 1030 Cherington Dr., Galion, $160,000

Lisa C. Shea to Braden M. Lutz, 541 Park Ave., Galion, $40,000

First Federal Community Bank to Andrew Ousley, 670 Hopley Ave., Bucyrus, $8,500

Ray J. Long and Al m a R. Long Trustees to Donald E. Garner, 426 Jeffrey Dr., New Washington, $115,000

Eric J. Powell & Donna Powell to James R. Keck, 454 & 454½ South Union St., Galion $ 10,000

John O. Schoenfelt and Julie D. Schoenfelt aka Julie D. Mason to Kyle B. Price and Rochelle D. Price, 629 Scharf St., New Washington, $48,000

Ronald J. Gerhart & Deborah K. Gerhart, Trustees to Lutz Custom Homes, LLC, Rikki Lee Lane, Bucyrus, $25,000

Keith A. Alt to R over Pipeline LLC, SR39, $18,543 Niese Famil y Farms to Rover Pipeline, LLC, SR 39, $22,724

Samuel J. and Margo J. Kraft to Rover Pipeline, LLC, 6161 Johnston Rd., New Washington, $14,838

Gerald T. and Rebecca M. Stacklin to Rover Pipeline LLC, Chatfield Center Rd., Bloomville, $3,933

Gerald T. and R ebecca M. Stacklin to Rover Pipeline LLC, Chatfield Center Rd., Bloomville, $21,233

Jacob R. Ash, Shelly M. Ash to Rover Pipeline LLC, 2841 Albaugh Rd., Bloomville, $2,070

James A. & Cathy M. Weisenauer to Ro v er Pipeline LLC, 7995 SR 19, Bloomville, $10,565

Steven C. Andrews, Sr. and Diana Andrews, husband and wife to John P. Miller and Katrina M. Miller, 116 Patterson St., Crestline, $25,000

Katie Lynn Haspeslagh to Pamela A. Morse, 514 McDonald Ave., Galion, $58,500

Charles A. Conn and Betty J. Conn, as Trustees, of the Conn Family* to Jennifer L. Thoman, 394 Helen Ave., Crestline, $90,000

Jeffrey A. and Lyndsey A. Stacklin to Rover Pipeline LLC, 4251 Chatfield Center Rd., New Washington, $7,033

Jason F. Kalb to Rover Pipeline LLC , Marsh Rd., $14,790

Robert K. Waines & Barbara J. Waines to Rover Pipeline LLC, 5140 SR 598, Crestline, $6,743

Paul J. Kanney and Nancy C. Kanney to Rover Pipeline LLC, 6600 Connely Rd., New Washington, $36,065

Michael F. Leuthold, Sandra K. Snyder to Rover Pipeline, LLC, New Washington Rd., $28,070

Ronnie H. Buchanan, Trustee & Geneva F. Buchanan, Trustees to Matthew O. Strickler, 523 Primrose Ave., Galion, $112,000

Joe A. Schimpf & Joyce E. Schimpf to Rover Pipeline LLC, 2648 Albaugh Rd., B loomville, $32,105

Danny S. and Deanna M. Tomecko to Rover Pipeline LLC, 4050 Clady Rd., $17,637

*Sheriff Sale or Foreclosu