Report: Almost of a third of Ohioans have anxiety issues

(The Center Square)

(The Center Square) — The share of Ohio residents who reported anxiety symptoms during the week of July 16 stood at 32.8 percent, the 14th lowest percentage among the 50 states, according to a National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) study.

The study, which was made in partnership with the Census Bureau, was launched to generate data about how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting U.S. households, both socially and economically. The online responses gathered by researchers are part of what’s called the Household Pulse Survey.

Data collection, which began in April, focused on obtaining information about how often Americans reported anxiety and depression symptoms. The questions used are based on a standardized health questionnaire and the Generalized Anxiety Disorder scale.

In comparison with the state-by-state results, 36.1 percent of adults nationwide said they experienced anxiety symptoms during the week of July 16. During the January-to-June period of 2019, 8.2 percent of adults aged 18 and over reported having anxiety symptoms, the NCHS reported.

(The Center Square)