Bat with rabies confirmed in Springfield Township

Staff report -

SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP – A bat in Springfield Township in Richland County was submitted for rabies testing and was confirmed positive with rabies by the Ohio Department of Health late on May 28, 2020. The bat had no direct contact with any person, was found outdoors, and was observed acting abnormally prior to testing. The last confirmed case of rabies reported in Richland County, was in 2007 and was also found in a wild bat.

Bats have a greater potential of interaction with domestic animals and pets due to their roosting habits. Interactions between people and bats can occur however, and it is important to follow the following measures to protect your family and pets against rabies:

  • DO NOT feed wild animals or leave food outside for animals to find
  • AVOID contact with wild animals: keep children AWAY from any unknown animals
  • IF you find a bat in your home, you can remove it yourself. Visit for instructions
  • KEEP your indoor and outdoor pets vaccinated against rabies

Please contact your veterinarian for rabies vaccination of your pets.

For more information regarding rabies, call Richland Public Health at 419-774-4520

Staff report