Mosquito relief on the way; But do your own part by dumping stagnant water at home

But do your own part by dumping stagnant water at home

By Russ Kent - Galion Inquirer

GALION — Weather permitting, the City of Galion will spray for mosquitoes July 1 and July 2. If crews are unable to spray on one of those days, July 3 will be a makeup day.

Spraying will begin after 10 p.m. on each night. Residents should close their windows and keep children and pets indoors during spraying.

And there are other ways to fight mosquitoes.

“It’s safe to assume” that this year will be a good one for mosquitoes and a bad one for people who like to spend time outside, said Trish Factor, Health Commissioner at the Galion City Health Department. She said area residents also can do their part to prevent mosquitoes, who can breed in water sources as small as a bottle cap.

“If you remove those water sources, you can prevent a lot of mosquitoes,” she Andrea Barnes, director of Environmental Health at the health department.

Where possible, empty water from stagnant sites — like bird baths and baby pools — a couple times a week to prevent breeding by the insects. Also, get rid of potential mosquito breeding sites by dumping standing water from flowerpots, gutters, buckets, pool covers, pet water dishes and discarded tires.

Still, with the wet weather in recent weeks, there remains a lot of standing water in this area.

So there are other things residents can to do deter mosquitoes from biting, like wearing EPA-registered mosquito repellents when you are outside, along with long, loose, light-colored clothing.

Also install or repair screens on windows and doors to keep mosquitoes from getting into your home.

The Galion City Health Department also has mosquito dunks available to Galion residents and businesses to place in sources of standing water. The dunks prevent mosquito larvae growth. The Health Department is in uptown Galion at 113 Harding Way East. Hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

“Not everyone understands that mosquito bites can make you pretty sick,” Factor said, listing off the potential for mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile Virus and Zika.

Zika, which is much more common in warmer regions, can cause serious birth defects in children. “Be aware when you are traveling.”

The intent of the education is to remind to residents how to keep their property from becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes, said Andrea Barnes, Director of Environmental Health at the Galion City Health Department.

Also, the Galion City Health Department is providing free mosquito dunks to city residents.
But do your own part by dumping stagnant water at home

By Russ Kent

Galion Inquirer