Health department names Clean Plate Award winners

GALION — These 2016 Clean Plate Award recipients were honored by the Galion City Health Department on May 9. All of the winners were recognized and given a framed certificate.

The winners included: DK’s Drive In; Galion Booster Club – Football Concession; Galion Booster Club – High School Concession; Galion Golden Age Center, Galion High School, Galion; Intermediate School; Galion Middle School; Galion Pointe; Galion Primary School; Home Care Matters; Sara Beegle Child Day Care; and St. Joseph Catholic School.

Special congratulations went to the Galion City Schools, Galion Pointe, and St. Joseph’s Catholic School for having received awards for the second year in a row.

Th e CleanPlate Award program was established in 2014 to recognize Galion food service operations and retail food establishments that consistently demonstrate a commitment to protecting the public’s health. It is a voluntary program and an application is required to be considered for the award.

Eligibility for an award is based on having met the following criteria:

  • Have a valid food service operation (FSO) or retail food establishment (RFE) license
  • Have at least 1 full licensing year’s inspection data
  • Have the same licensee for at least 1 year
  • Have no confirmed foodborne illness within 2 years
  • Have no administrative hearings within 2 years
  • Post a written employee health policy
  • Have at l east 1 person in charge per shift certified in Level 1 Food Protection or above
  • Earn a composite performance score of at least 90 points.

Data collected during the 2016 license year — March 1, 2016 -through February 28, 2017) — was the basis for the most recent awards. The performance score comes from a facility’s compliance with the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code and implementation of best practices.

While a perfect record — with no violations during the year — is the goal, a facility can have a small number of violations, primarily those that are non-critical and corrected at the time of inspection, and still be eligible for the award.

“The standards in the state rules that food facilities are required to meet become higher over time, and the state agencies that oversee the food safety program expect inspectors to be thorough,” said Environmental Health Director Stephanie Zmuda. “Food managers and employees are working harder to meet these high standards and they deserve to be recognized for their efforts.

“I truly enjoy having the opportunity to present awards to those who are so dedicated to their work and keeping the foods they serve safe.”

It is noteworthy that some facilities that meet eligibility requirements do not apply for the award. Though everyone is encouraged to apply who may be eligible, consideration is being given to waiving the application and presenting awards to all eligible facilities in the coming year.


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