State Fire Marshal introduces 3Di technology


COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Ohio Department of Commerce Division of State Fire Marshal recently announced the integration of cutting-edge technology into the Ohio Fire Incident Reporting Management System (OFIRMS). The state-of-the-art database management solution, 3Di Engage, is developed by 3Di Systems and serves as a significant upgrade that revolutionizes how fire departments throughout the state manage and report incidents.

3Di is an online platform that features a variety of built-in tools to help organizations modernize and streamline operations. In addition to incident reporting, the 3Di-powered OFIRMS program offers a comprehensive suite of station-management functions free of charge. These include training record collection, truck checks, apparatus inventory and maintenance, scheduling and leave application, geographic information system (GIS) hydrant locations, high-risk building preplans, personnel management, volunteer hours logging, and the management of the Ohio Public Safety Decal program.

All 1,178 active fire departments in Ohio are registered with OFIRMS. Over the past 24 hours alone, the State Fire Marshal has received more than 14,000 incident reports from these departments through the system, which demonstrates the vital role OFIRMS plays in our state’s safety and emergency response infrastructure.

“We are thrilled about this technological advancement and the important impact it will have on our ability to protect the lives and properties of Ohioans,” State Fire Marshal Kevin S. Reardon said. “The new 3Di technology enhances our ability to collect and analyze data from all hazard incidents that our fire departments respond to, providing key information that will be used to enhance the critical services our communities rely on.”

The new system also allows for efficient resource tracking across the state, should there be an emergency need for additional specialized apparatus. It also acts as the official record of fire departments and fire chiefs across Ohio. In the coming months, an app will be launched that allows mobile access to this robust and comprehensive system.

“This will provide real-time analytics for all departments, significantly boosting our Community Risk Reduction (CRR) efforts,” said Anita Metheny, Fire Prevention Bureau Chief. “We are committed to providing our fire departments with the best tools available to ensure their awareness of data trends and effectiveness. The integration of 3Di technology into OFIRMS is a significant step toward a safer Ohio.”

In addition to the early adoption by the Fire Prevention Bureau, the State Fire Marshal’s Code Enforcement Bureau, Testing & Registration Bureau, and Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR) either currently use 3DI or have plans to implement this tool in the coming months for a variety of applications.

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Submitted by the Ohio Department of Commerce.

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