Council talks street repairs, housing developments


Galion City Council met for the first readings of new ordinances and resolutions at its regular meeting on Oct. 24 but were unable to cast any votes to further the legislation as a majority of council members were not present.

The first legislation for the evening was ordinance 2023-74, which would allow the city to apply for and accept funding to be used for the reconstruction of South Street.

“This is a pretty simple project,” said Mayor Tom O’Leary. “This is for the east side of the northbound lane from Harding Way all the way to Covert Way. Then in the other direction. It is not a resurfacing, it’s a mill and fill.”

The next ordinance to be read was ordinance 2023-76, which would establish the next phase of development in the Carter Drive area for tax purposes. Mayor O’Leary explained that this establishes a 75% tax abatement for the construction of 10 ranch-style apartments. He then went on to let council know that another ordinance would be upcoming to cover the same tax abatement for another parcel of land off of Carter Drive that would be for 11 apartments.

“It will be nice to get another 21 nice houses to fill up that lot,” O’Leary said. “It has come a long way.”

Ordinance 2023 -77 was then read pertaining to numerous various financial appropriations for the city. City Auditor Brian Satterfield went over the ordinance with council members and all in attendance.

“We typically have to make end-of-the-year adjustments of some sort,” he said. “I’m not guaranteeing that we won’t come back to you with more at some point, but certainly not to this length.”

Councilman Mike Richert thanked Satterfield and others for the time and work in putting together the ordinance.

Resolution 2023-18 was then read regarding the issuing of purchase orders for the following: $285,000 for Dirt Dawg Excavating; $111,9992.75 for WWTP electricity to City of Galion; $4,133.22 for Biddle Road Lift Station electricity to City of Galion; $5,508.14 for HWE Lift Station electricity to City of Galion; $8,519.12 for General Plan update to GPD group.

Resolution 2023-19 was presented for the issuing of a purchase order to Dream Huge Realty for the management startup and reserve of the Central Hotel in the amount of $13,330.20.

In the mayor’s comments, O’Leary took a few moments to address the current construction going on at the intersection of Brandt Road and state Route 598.

“I think it’s moving along,” he. “It will be hard to imagine what that intersection was like before it was all done once the turn lane is complete and the parking lot gets done on the spec building.”

The next regular meeting of Galion City Council will be held on Nov. 7 at 7 p.m.

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