Council talks fire, EMS agreement with Crestline


A new fire and EMS services agreement between the City of Galion and the Village of Crestline was presented to Galion City Council during its Sept. 26 meeting.

“As you remember, we entered into an agreement with the Village of Crestline for 90 days while they were struggling with manpower issues. We did that for 60 days in which they started staffing up as best they could. After 60 days, they wished to no longer be a part of that agreement,” Fire Chief Phil Jackson told council.

Jackson then explained the agreement would go forward more on an as-needed basis based upon the staffing needs of Crestline, and the city is currently billing the Village of Crestline for those services. The proposed ordinance would extend that as-needed agreement over the course of a three-year period.

A lengthy discussion then ensued between council members, Jackson, and Mayor Tom O’Leary in regards to staffing issues and the ability to answer calls within Galion if the city should continue supporting Crestline in this capacity for a variety of reasons.

A motion was made to amend the ordinance to a 90-day term with a one-week cancellation notice on either side. The motion was approved. A motion to suspend the three-reading rule and move the ordinance to its final reading was then made, but the motion failed with no votes by council members Kara Ault and Paula Durbin. The ordinance will now undergo a second reading at the next meeting.

Also during the meeting, an ordinance related to the State Route 61 Lift Station contract was given its second reading. O’Leary spoke first as he was not present at the previous meeting for the first meeting.

“I feel like the title for this legislation is misleading, but there is a lift station involved at the end of this project,” said O’Leary. “This is really about a connecting sewer to go out to that location. What we hope is that it will trigger sooner rather than later more development out there at Jen-Cor.”

The question was then raised as to the funding of the project, to which O’Leary answered that the cost associated to the city is approximately $130,000, and engineers are open to the idea of a TIFF to cover the expense.

Council member Mike Richert moved to have the ordinance moved to its final reading, which was approved by a vote of 6-1.

The next order of business was an ordinance pertaining to the Floodplain Damage Reduction which was in its second reading. The ordinance was moved to its final reading and approved.

Ordinance 2023-66 was given its first reading regarding a grant for the Galion Police Department for body camera equipment. Richert made a motion to move the ordinance to its final reading, and it was approved.

An ordinance amending 2023 appropriations into various funds for the city’s finances was given a first reading. Each section of the ordinance was explained in detail by Auditor Brian Saterfield to members of council as it was noted on their council packets as well. The ordinance was moved to its final reading and approved.

Ordinance 2023-68 regarding the Depot Renovation Phase 1 was then given its first reading. The ordinance will allow for the bidding of the renovation project of the Galion Big Four Depot. O’Leary deferred to City Communications Director Matt Eichelberry for a summary of what will be involved.

“Underground utilities to the building such as water, sewer, storm sewer, and any drainage,” Eichelberry said.

Council then moved the ordinance to its final reading, and the ordinance was approved.

An ordinance involving the Ohio Ambulance Transportation Program grant application was read for the first time before council. Jackson spoke briefly to explain the grant to council.

“This is some remnants of money that became available in different categories for COVID relief during the pandemic, so this money goes to pay the city back for leave they offered during that time,” Jackson said.

A motion was made to move the ordinance to its final reading, and the ordinance was approved.

Ordinance 2023-70 was read in regards to the application of a grant for the Galion Fire Department to apply for money for a dryer for uniforms.

“We are eligible to apply every three years. We have applied for this grant multiple times over the years and have received it,” Jackson stated. “Currently, we are drying uniforms the old fashioned way on the line. It can take days for them to get dry. They have come out with new dryers that have new technology and can dry up to eight sets of gear at a time in a few hours as opposed to days.”

Council member Carrie Zeger moved to send the ordinance to its final reading, and the ordinance was approved.

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