Council talks sewer line expansion project


The Galion City Council met to address the first reading of three ordinances on Sept. 12.

Ordinance 2023-63 was read before council in regards to the establishment of the Makeever State Route 61 Lift Station Contract. In the absence of Mayor Tom O’Leary, Safety Service Director Nikki Ward took a moment to explain the ordinance to council members.

“This is a proposal for Makeever and Associates to design a sewer line that would go out to SR 61,” Ward said. “There is a proposed expansion of the Marathon gas station at that location that is currently dependent upon septic, so they have come to the city asking what the options are.”

“The mayor has stated previously that there may be some industry coming to that area,” council member Paula Durbin questioned.

“That is the long-term hope of course,” said Ward.

Council member Michael Richert stepped in to explain more details of the situation in that the city currently supplies water to residents in that area and was originally supposed to supply sewer as well, but issues arose in the early 2000s that prevented it from being done. So technically, the city is under obligation to take care of the sewer in the area regardless.

“Where exactly are we getting the money for this?,” asked council member Durbin. “Do we even know?”

“I think there are several sources that are being explored,” said Ward.

Ward explained the city is looking into various state funding options that might be available with the help of David Zak at the Crawford Partnership.

Ordinance 2023-64 was then read in regards to amending various funding appropriations for the city. The ordinance was moved to its final reading and then approved by members of council.

Ordinance 2023-65 was then given its first reading. The ordinance pertains to Floodplain Damage Insurance for Galion residents. Ward explained that only one home in Galion is eligible for such insurance coverage, which is the duplex located at the west end of Church Street.

The current coverage approved by the city was last reviewed nearly 15 years ago, and the updated coverage needs to be approved by Oct. 1. The ordinance will wait until a second reading.

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