Come Home to Galion Parade Marshals


GALION- Parade marshals today are Ruth Ricker Ritchey and Marge Staub Shaffer, who are longtime Galionites. Long time indeed. They were born here 96 years ago, back when Calvin Coolidge was president and the U.S. was going through the Roaring Twenties.

Marge and Ruth were classmates at Galion High School and graduated in 1944. Both married people from their class – Ruth married Dan Ritchey, who later became a news reporter, photographer and executive director of the Chamber in the 1990s – and Marge married Emery Shaffer, class president, who later worked at Peabody Galion. Both raised their families here. Dan and Emery sadly have passed away.

Emery and Marge lived in Canton and elsewhere for a time, but in the end came home to Galion. Dan and Ruth always lived here.

Ruth worked at the Chamber herself in the 1990s. Previously, she had created pastel oil family portraits and graduation pictures for Photorama that many of you may have hanging on your walls.

Marge worked at Galion Iron Works and North Electric. Both Marge and Ruth belong to the First United Church of Christ.

Marge and Ruth both were members of the Happy Times Bridge Club that played cards twice a month at members’ houses from 1945 through 2013 – a total of 68 years.

Marge and Ruth will be riding in the parade in a vehicle graciously sponsored by Donley Ford of Galion.

The parade is set to kick off today at 4:15 and immediately following, there will be a tree lighting ceremony on the square.

Information provided by Dan Ritchey Jr.

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