LETTER TO THE EDITORSave Your County From Turbines


Dr. Nina Pierpont MD, a John Hopkins and Princeton educated doctor, wrote Wind Turbine Syndrome. She noticed patients living near wind turbines developed sleep disturbances, vertigo, tinnitus, nausea, and lack of concentration. Low frequency noise tricks the bodies balance system to think its moving and affects an array of brain functions. When people move away the symptoms go away.

A paper published in August 2012 in The Journal Land Economics found 11,000 property transactions in northern New York near wind facilities significantly reduced property values in 2 or 3 counties studied.

In Oregon and Washington, 6,000 birds and 3,000 bats are killed each year by turbines. In January 31, 2020 a 160 foot blade fell off in Gloucester, Mass. The blades have been known to catch fire and the blades can’t be recycled. Each turbine needs 80 gallons of PAO, a synthetic oil, as a lubricant. They have been known to have leaks and have transformer failure. They cause a problem for crop dusters and life flights.

In The Chatam Voice in Chatam Township, Ontario, Canada, on July 24, 2019 people found toxic heavy metals or kettle point black shale in their ground water after construction of the wind farms. There are a lot of abandoned wind farms in California and Hawaii.

J.A. Lawrence

Galion, Ohio

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