Our county has a predator trying to buy into the community with their turbine leases. We all know what predators do and how the victims outcome normally goes. Not good. Think about Red Riding Hood and the wolf, the predator, and his deceitful way of pretending to be her grandmother. We now have Apex as the wolf, the predator, deceiving the community by using the same colored signs that anti-wind has been using for two years. They want to cause confusion to the voters. The anti-wind said No to turbines, and after the commissioners threw the community under the bus, instead of sticking with the referendum, sent it to the ballot. The wording in the ballot can be very confusing, but if you are against wind turbines you need to vote YES, to follow the referendum of not allowing turbines into our county.

The pro wind state “You can’t tell me what to do with my land,” but that’s exactly what they’re trying to do to anyone who opposes it. It will affect anyone living near a turbine, and lease holders usually are not living in the footpath. They just reap the benefits at everyone’s expense.

Here are a couple websites for each individual to do their own research. If you are elderly or do not have access to the Internet please ask your family and friends to help you make this available so that you can read the real truth about turbines and their damaging effects on people, land and animals.

www.windaction.org , and


Please do yourself and your fellow Crawford County residents a favor, do your research, make sure you head to the polls and vote YES to stop the turbines. Vote YES stop the PREDATOR!

Jenice Hensley

Bucyrus, Ohio

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