LETTER TO THE EDITORCrawford County Voters Should Ask: WHY


The Apex Clean Energy field manager had already publicly labeled certain Crawford County citizens as “bullies”. Then, during the Crawford County Commissioners’ public hearing held on April 21, 2022, he indicated that all across the United States, anti-wind organizations like Crawford County Anti-Wind tend to just share the same old discredited information.

Apex constantly tries to classify our local residents’ organized effort as an isolated, extreme phenomenon.

If community opposition is truly so rare, WHY is it that over 340 localities in the United States have restricted large-scale wind projects since 2015? To date, ten rural Ohio counties have moved against renewable energy projects. Apex wants us to believe that concerns voiced by citizens all across America are invalid.

In July 2018 MidAmerican Energy received permits to expand the Arbor Hill Wind Project into Madison County, Iowa. WHY did the people of Madison County strongly object to the plan to install 30 wind turbines there amongst the county’s historic covered bridges? Citizens there knew all about wind project horrors because their neighboring county, Adair, is already home to hundreds of wind turbines. Then, in July 2022, MidAmerican Energy notified all lease holders that their easement agreements would be terminated and the project was cancelled.

The November 8th vote is not just a vote for or against the planned northern Crawford County “Honey Creek” Wind Project. A YES vote on Issue #4 will keep the entire county free of industrial wind turbine projects.

VOTE YES ON ISSUE #4 to keep industrial wind turbines out of ALL Crawford County!

Jim Phillips


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